Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Cancelled this Year --- Well Postponed at Least

Yes, I'm afraid we were snowed in on Christmas Day this year after all. My son could not make it here with his car and was unwilling to face the multi bus journey across town. So after lots of consultation with our friends we have postponed our Christmas celebration until later. Gifts sit under the tree unopened, for we still remain snowed in. In this part of the world we remember well the blizzard of 1996. Now we have the blizzard of 2008 to add to the books. At least we still have power, so far.

It does seem ludicrous in this day and age of four wheeled drives (no we don't have one, although here many do) and modern equipment that in parts our city has come to a halt. Vancouver is just not equipped for snow removal on this scale. I guess with the four day weekend there is no need to be out and about except by necessity, so traffic has not packed down the snow on the roads. Everyone around us is hunkered down it seems, for there is no one going by on our street and we are half a mile to the nearest main road which is probably cleared for the buses. Not quite true, as another car was stuck outside our house this morning. But we are above freezing and it is starting to melt slowly, so now we have flooding to look forward to. Sigh.

I made the Christmas pudding which is still in my refrigerator. Uncooked it does not look so enticing does it? But I love Christmas pudding.

Ready in the steamer for the three hours boiling required to cook it. On the day you just re-steam it for one hour and serve it with Foamy Eggnog Sauce to which we add brandy and is absolutely delicious and much better than traditional Hard Sauce.

No you don't get to see the cooked result, since it is resealed and ready to steam again. I wonder if we will ever get to eat it. But you can have a cookie instead. If these look similar to last year's, it's no wonder. I make the same ones every year and there are a couple of other kinds plus a Christmas cake which I will not bore you with here.

Actually it is not quite true to say that all the Christmas presents are under the tree. One, with a card marked JMB, I fished out and have been playing with since Christmas Day. I'm just about ripping my hair out with frustration over this new toy but I'll leave it until later to tell you about it.


Crushed said...

Snowed in at Christmas!

That's the stuff of dreams over here, literally.
In the UK, we have been dreaming of a white Christmas for well over a century now.

You do some baking, don't you?

I wouldn't mind a few of those cookies myself...

Cathy said...

Your cookies look delicious and your dessert sounds yummy. If it has brandy sauce then it has to be excellent.

I was hoping you would have gotten to have your Christmas by now. I think we are all in for a very long hard winter. when I tell you our temps here you will not believe it, but just a couple days ago it was actual temp below zero degrees F with a wind chill of -40 F. Today it was 64 degrees F here. But, we have had so much ice and freezing rain that from one day to the next you do not know what will be happening.

The snow looks very pretty, but when you are trying to celebrate Christmas with your family and can't, it certainly would lose some of its beauty.

I hope tomorrow (Sunday) will be the day you get to see your family and have your Christmas.

Nunyaa said...

To think I dream of snow. Looks lovely but understandably I don't have to live with the hazards snow brings.
Christmas pudding looks scrumptious JMB, do you remember the tradition they do here of hiding old coins in the pudding?
Hope you get to spend time with your family soon, wishing you love and happiness x

ipanema said...

oh dear! sorry to read about the weather condition.

love your cookies.

thanks for dropping by and i hope the New Year will bring you good weather and may it be as prosperous as ever! :)

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

I am so sorry you had your Christmas plans disrupted and didn't get to have your visit..

But Oh what fun to imagine it... for just a day, when it is not of vital importance.

Just looking out at the falling snow and having a day in. I dreamed of stuff like that as a kid.

sally in norfolk said...

beautiful to think about being snowed in... not so good in reality :-) Glad you had your new toy to take your mind off things cannot wait to see what your into now x

jams o donnell said...

I hope the weather improves soon so you can finally have your celebrations

Donnetta Lee said...

Hey, the cookies look great! I've made cookies, pie, candy. Cooked up ham, potatoes, salads, veggies, etc. I'm just about "cooked out!" Hubby is on his way to pick up a big old pizza as we speak! I'm ready. D

Dr.John said...

That had to be hard to be snowed in on Christmas and the day after. This was really a rough holiday weather wise all over. I hope your family gets together and celebrates.


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Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Well, if you have postponed Christmas, then I am not late in wishing you a blessed Christmas and a great 2009.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, so sorry you didn't make it to your friends', etc. But it was never worth taking the risk, I can see. You are very good not to have opened ALL the presies!

Janice Thomson said...

You got even more snow than we did for a change JMB. Again today it was snowing big thick wet snowflakes and has now turned to rain...sigh - but hey our temperature is at 5!
Yummy - I'm coming to your place for a second Christmas :)

CherryPie said...

I feel for you and hope you get to experience your Christmas festivities soonest!

Anonymous said...

It hasnt snowed here for a hundred years like Crushed says.. I was on the beach in the sun today!!

Carver said...


I'm still not blogging until the new year but I have kept an eye out on bloglines to see how some of my blogging buddies are doing. I had to pop in and say I'm so sorry that your Christmas has had to be postponed. Those cookies look delicious. I hope you will be able to see your children and grandchildren in the near future.

I can totally relate to living somewhere not equipped for big snows. For us the winter of 2000 and 2003 live on in winter infamy where I live. I hope you and your husband are staying safe and warm. Take care, Carver

Ian Lidster said...

I trust you eventually dug yourselves out. Actually, we found that being snowbound in Comox was kind of a blessing. May 2009 be all taht it should for you, my friend.

jmb said...

Not much fun Crushed, we could not get out for 6 days.

We hope to get together for New Year Cathy. Your weather sounds equally charming.

Yes Nunyaa, I remember the sixpences in Christmas pudding but I don't do it any more.

Happy New Year to you Ipanema.

It was fun to be stuck in at first but it got old after awhile Moggs.

All will be revealed soon Sally.

Still lots of snow Jams, but we are finally getting out.

Good idea Donnetta Lee. Pizza sounds good to me too.

Bad winter Dr John. They say worst December since 1964.

Thanks LGS, happy new year to you too.

We did not think it worth the risk, Welshcakes. We'll get around to those presents soon.

What a winter Janice, well what a December. Luckily not much rain to make the snow heavy.

It doesn't seem so important now Cherie. I was a bit upset on Christmas day but got over it.

Stop gloating Mutley. Hope you had your sunscreen on.

Hi Carver, hope you are enjoying your break. Still have power so we are warm thank goodness.

Yes Ian we did get out finally but our road is still treacherous. Comes of living off the beaten track so to speak. Happy New Year to you too.

Thanks to everyone for visiting and commenting.

EastCoastLife said...

Snow for me would be fun but it could be damaging too. :P

Your cookies look yummy and I'm wondering about the taste of your Christmas pudding. I have never tasted one.

It's been lovely knowing you. I enjoy visiting your blog and reading about your life in Canada.

May you be more charming, richer, healthier and happiest this coming new year!!

Happy year 2009!

Greetings and cheers from sunny Singapore!