Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random Photos from Today

After the snow disappeared here in Vancouver, well in most parts although not all, the fog arrived some days ago and in parts it is very thick. So today was a very grey day as the Thursday walking group did our usual Granville Island walk along False Creek.

It was very cold, zero degrees Celsius in fact, so this pond was frozen and there were no ducks about.

This young woman was warm inside and totally concentrating on the pot she was throwing in a pottery studio we pass along the route.

Looking across False Creek towards the lightly fog shrouded buildings on the north side.

But just a moment, there is something wrong with that building they are constructing. Or else there is something wrong with my eyesight. How come we have passed this building for months and not noticed that it is all askew, out of kilter? It looks as if it going to collapse at any moment.

Now this stunning photo below, of Vancouver downtown peeping above the fog, is not mine. It was emailed to me and I cannot give the photographer credit as I do not know the origin of it.

Supposedly it was taken this morning from Cypress Mountain, a local ski area. Click on it to see it in its full glory.


Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Wow all that grey and then the last one. That sort of warms the heart.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Most of those photos look cold! I'm starting to shiver!

Granny on the Web said...

Brrr! you are so brave to go out in that cold. Fantastic photo's though, do keep us informed on that odd looking building.
Love Granny (*!*)

lady macleod said...

brilliant as usual! I wouldn't stand too close to that building... hmmmm

Carver said...

I like all of these shots as I enjoy the fog. Great that your walking club could get out for a walk even with the cold weather. That building is interesting. I couldn't decide if it was an optical illusion or not.

Colin Campbell said...

Love that last one. The others look very gloomy and cold. Have a nice weekend. We are driving back to Adelaide today and tomorrow.

Crushed said...

A fine cityscape in many ways.

Your building remided me of these construction site in Birmingham- it's almost complete, but it still has the cranes and the gantries round it- but this is what it will look like. Beautiful, in my view.

Janice Thomson said...

Great series of photos JMB - that last one is fantastic! Do you think it will ever warm up? :)

Nunyaa said...

I appreciate when you show photos of your area. Loved the snow ones but really all of them make me wish I could visit.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Great photos. I love that one of th duckless river. What is the tilting building going to be?

jmb said...

I wish I could have taken that last photo Moggs, it is so stunning.

It was cold Nick, and bleak but there is always something of interest to see on that walk.

It's funny how we have never noticed that building before GOTW as we walk there quite often.

I suppose the building is as planned Lady Mac, but I found it most disconcerting.

We missed a few walks due to the snow Carver but we usually walk no matter the weather.

Yep, gloomy and cold it was Colin. I thought that last photo might cheer us all up.

I'm afraid that building has quite a way to go Crushed. It will be interesting to see how it ends up. Wow that is a fine looking building.

Janice I can hardly wait for Spring although I will be in Australia for a month.

I am glad you enjoy them Nunyaa. I wish you could visit too. I'd love to meet all my blogging friends and very occasionally I do.

I think apartments/condominiums Welshcakes. That whole False Creek area is filled with condominium buildings.

Thanks to everyone for visiting and commenting.