Sunday, March 1, 2009

Moggs' Top 10

Music. Funny thing music, there is so much of it and so different, just about as varied as people I guess. Why did I think to Post about it? Well Crushed often puts a post up on Sunday about music.

So my musical tastes, or not ^_^ depending on your viewpoint? Mine are pretty wide.

I don't rule out anything absolutely because of genre, except maybe Gangsta Rap and maybe not even that. I do find a lot of Jazz a bit up itself (ducks and hides) and some opera a bit... bombastic. Prog Rock, hmmnnn... Not my favourite.

I can though think of examples of almost every genre that I do like and enjoy.

So what makes music or songs good? Probably different for different people.

For me, well it can be the sound of it. The tune, the way it is played/mixed, the instruments. They come together in a way that pleases me, or makes my spine tingle. Maybe just bits of it even, but there is enough.

Then there are the words. They may mean something, maybe resonate with how I feel, or felt at the time I first heard them. They might express something I feel some hope or yearning. Or maybe they are just sentimental. Again it might not be all the words, just some of them.

And to be truthful it is a balance. A mix n match, great tune, who cares so much about the words, fab words, maybe the tune does not need to be so hot.

In love? Break up? Just full of joy? Holidays, Sad story, something to wallow in and cry about? Just something that makes you feel good?

It's about moods and feelings and memories for me, a bit like smells. Evocative that's a good word. Evocative of feelings, times, places, people. Is it like that with everyone else? I didn't poll my friends about this subject.

So My Top Ten, and it's only for this week. Remember it is Pop Music really.

It was different last week and will be different next week. No hidden messages, no deep meanings. No I won't apologise for including Miley Cyrus ^_^

Love Story – Taylor Swift
Shine – Aly & AJ
Untouchable- Girls Aloud
Judy – The Pippettes
The Fear – Lily Allen
Someday – Miley Cyrus
T-Shirt – Shontelle
Someone's Watching Over Me – Hillary Duff
Your my Angel – N-Force vs Darren Styles
Love Kills – Little Boots
I kissed a girl – Katy Perry


Dr.John said...

If the music has words I want to be able to understand them otherwise all music serves its purpose.

Crushed said...

I hate to admit to a sneaking admiration for the Pipettes...

jmb said...

Oh Miss Moggs, I have to admit that I have not heard of one of these songs or even the groups or singers. However this is my ignorance. Sorry. Will click the links when the opportunity arises and hopefully you have introduced me to some new music to enjoy.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Dr John, I can't say I agree so much with you about the words. I love lots of songs that are in foreign languages. Now I can struggle in "Tourist" in some of them but I am not exactly fluent, so don't really understand more than bits. The romance languages sound lovely and I like quite a few Greek pop songs Anna Vissi is one of my favourite Greek artists.

Crushed, I do like the Pippettes. Pull shapes is great isn't it? The sort of think you can jump around your living room to while you are dusting ^_^

JMB, I think I fixed the links, they got some extra bits put in the URLs by blogger.