Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Nearly-Weds

OK I am kind of half in love... With Ryan Miller, a sometimes annoying (just like a guy) character in a novel.

This is a review of The Nearly-Weds by Jane Costello. Yes, sorry guys, more Chick-Lit.

Zoe Moore is a kind, warm, down to earth, English girl from Liverpool. She works in a nursery.

She is utterly devastated when she is stood up at the church, by Jason (grrr) her long time partner who gets a serious case of cold feet.

Suddenly back at home with her parents Zoe finds it difficult to face her friends, neighbours and constant reminders.

She decides to make a clean break of it and signs up with a Nanny agency in the US. She is well qualified and they snap her up. Everything looks great, she is supposed to be going to work for a practically perfect family with light duties days off and to accompany them on an exotic holiday...

Then, as they say “The best laid plans...”

Poor Zoe actually gets to nanny in Boston for Ryan Miller and his two children, Ruby and Sam. Zoe feeling fragile looking after a family very hurt in their different ways by the death of Ryan's wife.

Very quickly she begins to wonder what she has gotten herself into and if she has bitten off soo much more than she can chew.

She is met at the airport by Ryan and the children, taken to their home and just left with the kids as he goes off to work.

The house is a trash heap and the yard is an overgrown jungle. When Zoe tries to put the kids to bed they practically morph into monsters. And she can't seem to get the wretched Jason out of her head.

She quickly realises Ryan is rude, inconsiderate, irascible, brittle, defensive, difficult, work obsessed, drinks more than he ought, and has been through a string of short relationships with beautiful women. Oh and he is hurt, handsome and in excellent physical shape.

Zoe sets about winning the kids round and restoring the house to some sort of order and it is a tall order too.

Thank goodness for the a group of nannies in the area where she will find companionship and a new best friend. I shall say no more about the story.

I really enjoyed this novel. It has plenty of fun and romance. It made me smile and even laugh a couple of times. It made me feel good.

There is a wide cast of good characters and Zoe and Ryan are a real contrast, Austin fans might sense a half familiarity in them as they spar.

The end is satisfying, with one tiny criticism... If I had my way I would have liked it to have a few more pages, just to top and tail things ^_^

If you read and enjoy it half so much as I did then I figure it will time well spent.


jmb said...

I have always found British chic lit - which I assume this is - to be quite charming and with an often gentle, sometimes even witty humour. However it is not always available on this continent.

Liz said...

That sounds like my sort of book!

CherryPie said...

Nice review although I am not really a Chic Lit girl myself.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

I guess everyone's taste in reading is slightly different.

I have often been surprised when someone recommends a book and I pick it up with high hopes only to struggle to keep up the effort to read it.

Other times you find you just read it so quickly you practically finished it before you started and then wanted it to be longer.

Liz, I enjoyed it. JMB you could try Amazon. CherryPie, thanks.

I am currently reading "Wife in the North", I don't know if I will review it as...

A. It is ok, but not one I would recommend so far at least and...

B. I don't want to just do reviews.