Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Around and about in Second Life

There is a surprising amount of beauty to be found in Second Life. It is built by its occupants. A lot of creative work goes into it.

I like to snap stuff when I see something interesting. I use the snaps as a basis for digital art. Here are some pics. Many of me and my various looks. Some are studio posed.

That is one of the things I do love about SL. The way you can try out different looks with no plastic surgery involved ^_^

I thought the scene here was beautiful. The tree against the sunset over the sea. I do love the coast, I like to live beside the ocean in SL. There was the sound of the ocean in the background.

Here is me in one of my incarnations. I was hanging out in a diner listening to the juke box and drinking milk shakes waiting for my date. I was dressed mostly in pink. We went dancing shortly after this pic was taken. I had a lovely time. I do like the 1950s.

Here I am (hopefully) looking sophisticated, if not quite in period.

In the background is Mr Eiffel's Tower built just over a decade ago for the Universal Exposition. It is a triumph of modern engineering as you can see. I went to the top before meeting up with a friend. We decadently drank 'la fée verte' and then visited the Moulin Rouge, where I saw the marvellous elephant there and we danced. Paris is lovely in the spring of 1900.

This is mystical Moggsy

Here is a more dangerous side of me. Ready to do mayhem in the style of 'Kill Bill', beware my katana. It can cut a silk scarf as it falls...

Here are three different Moggsies.

A punky Moggsy. A Bambie type Moggsy... and A surfer chick Moggsy

And this is Pin up Moggsy!


jmb said...

You do run the gamut of personae there Moggs.

I think the creativity in Second Life is amazing. What people do not know, is the enormous amount of effort and knowledge that goes into creating the world there. A casual person might look on the computer screen and say what is so special about that, for they don't know that is not just a few technical people who work for Linden Labs who created this but thousands and thousands of individuals working independently who make it what it is.

Donnetta Lee said...

Sounds like a lot fun.Sounds like real creative effort is entailed. Clever characters there! D

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

JMB, yes lots don't realise that basically the Lindens provide an more-or-less blank canvas and a system that lets users do it for themselves. the time and effort that goes into getting it right. It all reminds me a bit of shareware, or open source, the same spirit moves it i think.

Donnetta, It is fun, sort of like dressing up is fun and play-acting is fun and exploring and adventuring, but more too.

lady macleod said...

too much fun! Love the pin up look! Huzzah!

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Lady Mac, Ty. It did come out ok didn't it. *grins*

YTSL said...

Hi jmb --

Have you come across Cao Fei (aka China Tracy)'s Second Life creations? If not, check RMB City -- it seriously is a work of art... which I first saw at the Hong Kong Museum of Art, in fact! :)