Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I <3 NY

I Love NY. Yes I guess I do love New York and I miss it.

It has been just ages since I was there, not since before 9/11. Manhattan is human sized, despite the skyscrapers. It is easy to get about in. Last time I was there it felt real safe too. I guess Rudy did a good job there.

Why am I reminiscing? Well blame JMB. She went and did a book review and I thought... why not?

Not for me the intellectual rigour of the more literary stuff she reviews. Oh No.. I happened to find myself in the book store and there it was with a buy one get one ½ price label on it no less.

So a mental lightweight... aaaand a cheapskate you will be thinking.

This is your printed equivalent of chocolate. Your, not too hard work, easy read, funny, romantic, feel good, type novel. Coincidentally titled...

I Heart New York, by Lindsey Kelk, ISBN: 9780007288380.

It would probably make a good romantic comedy with Sandra Bullock in the lead, provided she can manage a convincing Brit accent.

The heroine is Angela Clarke.

Her life is quietly trundling along, nothing spectacular, dull. She lives with her fiancé Mark. They have been together for 10 years.

It is at her so-called best friend's wedding reception that things come apart spectacularly. Mark is the best man and Angela is bridesmaid. She is wearing a great but uncomfortable pair of shoes, realises no one can see them under her meringue of a dress so she decides to change into something more comfortable.

She sneaks back to their vehicle only to find someone else already did that and they are still there... having sex on the back seat... and it is her fiancé. Big Shock!

It turns out this is a long term thing. It turns out her best friend knew all about it. In fact she and her new husband had played tennis doubles with cheating wretch and his new squeeze.

This proves too much for poor Angela. She ends up making a scene, breaking the groom's hand with her shoe... And after sleeping on it decided she can't face going back home or to stay with her parents. No she needs to make a complete break.

She needs to get away, to put space between her and her unravelled life, far away.

The following morning she goes to the airport, against her Mother's protests and puts an ocean between herself and her trouble. Grabbing her overnight bag for the wedding with her change of clothes she heads to the airport and gets the first flight to New York. Then grabbing a taxi asks to be taken to a random hotel.

On being dropped off at the Union hotel and then the reinvention of herself and her adventures really begins.

Almost instantly she manages to make friends with a savvy New Yorker Jenny Lopez (No relative to J-Lo).

This is a fast paced amusing story. One of those validating, "I so wish I could do stuff like that if it happened to me" stories. No rocket scientist-ery involved. But it will make you feel good.


lady macleod said...

Ah yes, the "feel good, easy to read" sort - I have some of those; of course in mine stuff usually blows up!

I enjoyed NYC the short time we lived there, and I always enjoy going back for a week each year to see theatre.

jmb said...

I'm off to New York in a few weeks Miss Moggs. Always an interesting place to visit although I would not want to live there.
But it is a very special place and it does feel safe. It has ever since I have been going there, 1995. I hope I am not jinxing myself for this year's visit by saying that.


I love books reviews. You've done this one justice, Moggs. I shall be getting it.

I LOVE New York too-there's such a buzz, an aliveness there.

It is my dream to live in New York for 6 mths and then LA for 6.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Thank you all for your comments.

Lady M. I imagine it must be great living in the big apple. I have only ever got to stay in a Manhattan hotel. I am green.

JMB, I am maintaining green (envy not environmentalism), but why would you not want to live there? It is so feisty and alive.

Uber, You are right about NY.

Weirdly I have never visited LA, been close, but not visited. Seems a bit too full on for me but maybe a visit would change my mind.

My favourite West coast city is San Francisco. Again it is on a human scale and you can get about easily, even on foot! The food is great. They have a place makes divine chocolate, excellent book stores. Shopping!

I do hope you enjoy the book, that it leaves you feeling a bit better for having read it. That is how I often tend to judge books, or if they make you think I guess.

Ellee Seymour said...

When I travelled across the States before I married, I visited New York too and found it the least friendly of all the places i stopped off at. I guess it's the same with all capital cities and tourists. It was also the only place where I got ripped off by taxi drivers.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Ellee, Not sure NY could ever be seen as particularly more friendly than other places. Certainly busy, alive.

I think you could have a point about capital cities, tho Washington was no worse. Maybe impersonal is the word for big cities, but they still have neighbourhoods and such, just maybe as a visitor one is outside that.