Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Over enthusiastic guards

More trials and tribulations of living in Second Life.

I was visiting with "S" the other day. I met him at a party, he has an Island of his own and was kindly showing me round.

I didn't get much of a chance to see it before I had to suddenly go do some rl stuff. I logged out where I stood.

Now just to set the scene here; I live in a castle. It is the home of my clan. We moved there recently and are still fixing things up.

Later I logged back in and "A" our Clan Chieftainess sent me a TP before I had finished rezzing. I accepted and found myself (oddly) alone in an anteroom off the great hall... normally you appear where the one who invites you is.

I was wondering where "A" was and looking around for her when she shouted "Stay where you are.

"Don't move!" came from somewhere out of sight. I figured she must have been in an out of the way location when she TP'd me.

Standing in place and wondering what was going on I called tentatively, "You want I should remain here?"

"Stay there!" she called back hurriedly.

I could see some vague movement through some curtains and wondered what was going on. Then she burst through them looking every inch the Celtic Queen. Dark red hair streaming, armour gleaming, bearing a round shield and a sword "A" bore down on me. She looked totally awesome.

"Did I do something bad?" I wondered.

I managed to get out a startled "Eeek! Don't kill me!" when "A" pulled up and laughed.

"Don't worry Moggsy, just some trouble with the guards," she said.

Guards? I asked, thinking... "What guards?"

"We got some guards, to provide security. There was a tiny mistake in their set up and they attacked me."

"Robot guards?" I asked. "Yes" she replied.

"Like a cross between a practice dummy and a security system? I have my catana, can I help?"

"Exactly. But don't worry Moggsy, it is safe now. They are dead. Make sure you keep on your group tag".

You can get practice dummies in sl. They move around and take hits when attacked, they can fight back, and get hits in on you. Some can be pretty fiendish. They are to improve your sword fighting, or other combat skills.

Someone has come up with the idea of crossing something like this, but much more convincing looking, with a security system.

They look like they mean business. Good for castles I guess...


jmb said...

You are surely scaring me Miss Moggs and I will never be able to call on you in your new castle digs! LOL.

I have never been killed before in SL so it would be a new experience, but one I would prefer to avoid.

Anonymous said...

How very odd!

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Well, they have not attacked me.. so far. Maybe it is that I am non threatening ^_^

I guess there are more things in sl, Mutley, than are dreamed of in your philosophy ^_^