Monday, November 9, 2009

Ave, Caesar, futūtum te salutant (Don't ask)

OK. This is just a rant I guess. Maybe a hard hat one.

I had sort of promised myself not to post any more political posts as no one seems interested. But this...!!!

Maybe people just aren't interested?

Maybe that's how politicians like it? Maybe they even promote that attitude? Maybe they like it if they can just get on with being in charge without having to go through the messy business of elections and being held accountable?

This is about UK/EU Politics.

Labour (think Democrat-ish, only more left wing, except their colour is red - go figure) promised a referendum about the European Constitution that would among other things impose an UNELECTED PRESIDENT on us.

Other countries populations mostly rejected that constitution when they were allowed to vote on it.

So they repackaged it as a "Treaty" The "Lisbon Treaty". Suddenly because it was a "Treaty" and not a "Constitution" that was going to impose unelected... etc. Labour said we shouldn't have to bother our silly little heads over it and they would just sign it.

They don't represent anything like half the electorate, they were elected after having promised a referendum. They sold our democratic rights down the river instead.

Well the Conservatives (think Republican-ish, only maybe more left wing, except their colour is blue) said, "No way! We will have a referendum - definitely - if we get elected."

Well now it looks like they had their fingers crossed behind their backs just like Labour. Because now it looks like they are not going to after all.

Now we already have a bunch of unelected, 'jobs for the boys' European Commissioners (think Senators) who mostly run things in Europe. Their finances are so wrong their accountants have refused to sign off on them for years.

So it looks like a bunch of sleazy backroom pork barrel on steroids deals are going to force an unelected President on us after all. Plus things like foreign ministers and such.

Rome used to elect its rulers till Julius Caesar. I guess we need to learn to say "Ave Caesar" or maybe "Hail Blair" or whoever...

I am mad about that. Real spitting mad! Just goes to show you really can't trust politicians I guess.


jmb said...

Love the hard hat Miss Moggs.

This whole thing seems unbelievable to me and most people don't seem to care or even realize perhaps.

The whole story sounds as if you couldn't make it up and have people believe it but it is true enough, sad to say.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

What so gets to me is more people seem to get far more worked up over the voting in shows like X-Factor or Dancing with the stars/Strictly.

A bit like pick pocketing victims being distracted, except it's their democratic rights, that people fought hard for, are being stolen.

CherryPie said...

The best way to follow the political parties is not to think of their traditional values but to follow the trends of what they do. Politicians will say anything to get themselves into power and then follow their own interests to keep themselves in power.

If you look at it that way it has been obvious for a long time that the two main parties now have very similar views and are fighting a battle to see who is in power.

This all stemmed from when the labour party sold out on their traditional values and turned into 'New' labour.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Cherry Pie, Thank you for your comment. People seem to avoid commenting on the political stuff here.

I think you have good points there. You can't help feeling they will say just about anything to get elected.

Even with Labour's referendum promise, something they must have planned to wiggle out of, some way, some how, from how things turned out.

If Cameron knew he would not have a referendum or revoke it after it was signed he should have made it clear too. Maybe he ought to avoid saying stuff like 'cast iron' in future.

prince said...

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