Monday, November 23, 2009

In Memoriam

I don't normally mention names in my posts but one I have permission for and the other will become clear...

When I first came to Second Life one of the very first places I discovered was Renaissance Island. I have probably mentioned it in the past. They gave out free peasants clothes you could wear to be in character. I loved it.

It is a Tudor sim.

For those who don't know it is a sort of generic mock up of a small town/village in Tudor England. Tudor England is something I have been interested in since school.

I think it suffers a little from not being quite sure of the year, so anything from the reign of Henry VIII thru to Elizabeth I goes. Probably fortunately Henry VII does not seem to get a look in.

Still things changed a fair bit in the best part of a century from 21 April 1509 to 24 March 1603.
It is very good though and tries hard to be authentic within the period it takes in. I do recommend it, especially during the winter when there is snow on the ground and often in the air and it is quite beautiful in the half light of an evening. There are docks, stores and a playhouse, replica of the Globe theatre.

One face that was familiar round the place was a lady by the name of Dinnie Devonshire. I didn't know her well, just a nod in passing, the odd word.

I found out the other day she had passed on and they were going to have a memorial service for her and dedicate Devonshire Lane in her name.

She had quietly done quite a bit to help make Renaissance Island what it is. I had not known that.

So one Saturday in November found me standing in the cold on the snow covered ground of a small Tudor Town in SL remembering her.

Quite a few turned up, many where vaguely familiar, some I knew better were not there and someone I knew well from my first days was there, incongruously in a Tux. Stainless, a sometimes blogger. He is still a tenant there.

He suggested that a memorial be built in the church. He was thinking of anything from those tombs with the statue on it to the plaque memorials with carved figures and words of remembrance. The idea seemed to go down well.

Someone remarked that it was weird that the place was now starting to develop its own history, take on a life of its own.

Everyone broke up and went to look round and/or have conversations with one or two people.

Stainless and I wandered off arm in arm doing the same and catching up, till he had to go. I took a picture. Then I got a guided tour of the redesigned Manor house, still being finished off and complete with resident ghost.

It struck me as weird that Dinnie's Avie (body) and all her property that she didn't give away in SL, is probably for the moment inviolate, held in Linden's memory banks, only waiting for her log in that will now no longer ever come again.

I hope they have ice skating again this year...

Thank you Dinnie... and everyone else who makes the world a better place to be in, be it second or real life.


jmb said...

We always have to remember that there are real people behind those avatars Miss Moggs and they have just a big an influence there as in real life.

She sounds like a lovely lady and worthy of a memorial at Renaissance Island.

I wore that freebie peasant outfit when I first visited there too.

Vijay Chakravarthy said...

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Moggs Tigerpaw said...

JMB, I figure I just think of avies as people anyway, but you are right. There are real people and often real feelings behind those (most often) perfect forms.

There are a lot of quite creative, kind thoughtful intelligent people out there in sl. Of course like rl you get a certain number of other types too ^_^

Vijay, TY, We are generally not very space exploration oriented here tho. One place in sl you might like if you ever visit is Extropia.

If you are a Trekkie of any sort there are uniforms and sims out there in sl...

Vijay Chakravarthy said...

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I was very much astonished on seeing your blog. Great Site.

I will be much happy if you could add my site into your list.

Thanks for expressing your thoughts.

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Smalltown RN said...

I have never understood avatars...and they actually kind of scare me as I find them to be people hiding behind something they are not or wish they could be. But are right there are real people behind them with real lives..

James Higham said...

That's sad when people we may have known in passing move on and sometime later, we find out and think, "Oh my goodness." It's happened a couple of times and is not nice.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Smalltown RN, Why would an Avie scare you? They are just virtual versions of a persons body in a virtual environment. I just don't see them as something people "hide behind", you soon enough learn what sort of person you are dealing with.

An why on earth shouldn't we look as nice as we would like there?

I bet most people, if it were available cheap and free of pain or risk would have changes made to look younger or slimmer, flatter tummy, no stretch marks on the beach, or get rid of grey hairs... or just be fitter and healthier.

James you are right there. To me it feels like the world is a smaller and poorer place when someone who makes it better than it would have been because they are in it is gone out of it.