Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Cards

It’s Christmas time again.

All over Second Life people are getting ready for it. Decorations start appearing and stores open selling all sorts of exciting and wonderful stuff.

...And there is a winter wonderland of climatic effects.

Almost everywhere you go there is snow on the ground and snow in the air. You can almost feel the temperature plunge. Beautiful flakes falling, you can almost see the breath in front of your face.

And there are the costumes. The sexy Santa’s helper costumes … and sexy elves' outfits.

The inventiveness of the inhabitants of SL, all of us avatars, is almost limitless and the artistic effort can be wonderful.

Oh and speaking of Avatars, we were Avies long before the movie. I am just waiting to see my first SL Na'vi in one of the shopping malls ^_^

But back to the Christmas theme...

One thing about Christmas is the Christmas cards. Now you can buy cards but many people like to make theirs. I was suddenly reminded of it all when I got hit with two beautiful bespoke cards from two SL friends and decided I must make myself a new one to send round this year.

Last year I made one last year of me in white fur being kissed by a knight in the castle grounds and I did briefly think of recycling it... but figured that would surely have been a cop out.

So I set to work and came up with one I am happy with. I did think briefly of doing the sexy Santa's helper thing.

And I did consider a sexy pink bunny-girl card and did a photo shoot.

But in the end I did an odd little juxtaposition of casual clothes with a winter wonderland scene. Not even furs (obviously artificial as you can’t get much more artificial than virtual reality) tho I do have something that would have fitted from another photo shoot.

So here it is...

Season's greetings one and all x


jmb said...

There are some really wonderful places to explore in Second Life this year for the winter and Christmas season. You can skate on the frozen ponds as a single or in pairs in ice dancing, take a sleigh ride or the ski lift. The creativity of the outfits is amazing. All in all the folk in SL have gone all out!

Have a wonderful Christmas Miss Moggs and thanks for this lovely post.

Ellee Seymour said...

Happy Christmas JMB, I can only manage planning for one Christma, but you will get two lots of festive fun with Second Life too