Sunday, January 10, 2010

Avatar the review

It is a while since I have done a review of anything and I feel a couple of them coming on...

This one is sort of appropriate really. It's about Avatar.

Avatar the Movie. And just in case you didn't hear of it yet, it is not about JMB, me, or Second Life.

No this, as I guess you must know, is a movie.

Now before I say anything else at all I simply must say that if you ever plan, or think you might plan, to see this movie... pleeease don't wait till it comes out on DVD, or goes to TV. If you are ever going to see it then go see it in 3D at a movie theatre on the big screen, preferably at an I-Max.

This movie is an absolute visual feast. The Graphics are truly marvelous, beautiful, stunning. Acknowledgments to the movie for the stills used here.

I can still see some of the night time forest scenes. They are etched on my imagination. It was all so real, especially in 3D. It was pitched perfectly. I did duck once...

The only way I know there must have been Graphics involved, is that there are no forests like that and no creatures like that here, because I could not tell for sure otherwise.

The only other option to my mind is conspiracy theory territory. Maybe it is all real somehow. Maybe Pandora really is out there... I should maybe check that out with Elvis, I am pretty sure he runs the local burger joint ^_^

Ok, so back to the review. The main hero is an ex marine, Jake Sulley (Sam Worthington) who has spinal damage and is paralysed from the waist down.

The Movie is set entirely on location on Pandora. It is a habitable moon of a gas giant that orbits another star.

Pandora is absolutely teeming with exotic life. One of the species are the humanoid Navi pronounced Naah-vee. They kind of remind me of exotic Neko. There is a strong hint of pre-Columbian Native American, about them, or perhaps Zulu.

Here is a neat idea, all Pandoran life has a sort of built in biological USB cable that can interface with other animals and also plants, That allows them a sort of telepathy.

An Earth corporation (Boo! Hiss!) is mining for minerals (the unimaginatively named wait-for-it Unobtanium) on Pandora and the mother lode is right under a native settlement..

Meanwhile Sigourney Weaver or Dr Grace Augustine has invented this way of mixing human DNA with the Navi and growing the Human/Navi look alike bodies in tanks. This has to be done individually for each human. Then they somehow tune the body's brain to the human and sort of download them into the body becoming an Avatar..

Our hero Jake is the twin brother of a scientist who was on the project and has been killed. So they want him to drive the Avatar. This easily beats being in a wheelchair and he jumps at the chance.

On one of his first outings he gets separated from the group he is protecting, loses his weapons and gets left behind. He is alone in a dangerous jungle. Just when it looks like his goose is cooked he runs into Neytiri, a native, daughter of the chief.

Now if I say much more then it might spoil things so I will stop there.

I will say if a guy wants to take you to see it then go see it, even if you don't think it is your sort of thing, make sure he buys you chocolate to eat while you watch as it is quite long, but do go.

In fact if you don't get invited then think about inviting someone to go with you as a treat

...and go anyway.


Phil A said...

Well put, an excellent review. I have seen it and do agree it was visually stunning.

I was disappointed that the black hats are a predictably Military-industrial complex bogeyman, so the movie also functions as a piece of subliminal green propaganda. Still that is a stock cultural concept these days. It may have been more realistic and nuanced if things came about by a series of mistakes and misunderstandings, with each side believing it was in the right.

A slight hint of 2D plot taking the shine from an seminal 3D film.

One other thing that did not ring true for me was, if Sully was an identical twin, then how likely is it that one would be a thoughtful brilliant right on scientist and the other a gung ho marine prone to jumping in with a severe case of "bull-in-china-shop" syndrome? :-)

Even so you are right, it is still well worth seeing.

Berni said...

Will have to wait awhile to see it but plan to do so when visit sons in Calgary. Couldn't drag hubby anywhere near but I like this sort of stuff.

jmb said...

Well Miss Moggs, you have me hunting around the internet trying to find the nearest theatre showing it in 3D.

For sure I am very intrigued after reading this and I am dying to see the latest technology in filming. Film makers are so talented these days, aren't they?

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Phil, OK so some aspects of the Earth/human back story may be a bit stock. I agree they could have been done more intelligently.

But I think you agree the movie is still at a whole new level and well worth taking trouble to see.

Bernie/JMB, I do hope you enjoy seeing it as much as I did. Be prepared tho. It is quite long.

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