Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Party in the Western World?

Posted for Moggs Tigerpaw, our roving SL and RL reporter.

It's been ages since I last wrote a post. I have been really busy.

This is one I had in my head for a while. Regular readers may have guessed I like music, especially 'popular' music.

But you can tell a thing or two from chart tracks. I am thinking especially about Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA"

Now if you never heard it, then it sounds semi biographical (for her not me). If it isn't it could be.

The song is about a teen girl's experience traveling.

The first part deals with the singer arriving at LAX and getting a taxi ride. She's feeling out of place and insecure... until she hears a comfortably familiar track on the cab radio and she feels much happier. She thinks 'They are playing my song; it's a party in the USA'

Then later she is in a club and she feels awkward and out of place, being dressed differently, more casually and dancing different steps. Then the DJ plays another familiar favorite and she feels much more at home.

She realizes or is reminded when she hears the song that "it's a party in the USA". It could be being played anywhere in the USA

The familiar songs put things in perspective. The Whole song carries on this theme and is sort of catchy too.

What is it about? Our common culture. The things all US citizens have in common. But in reality it goes much further than that in slightly diluted. Further than North America. Maybe even further than amongst the English speaking nations.

Because what is true for Miley Cyrus is also true for you and me too. Yes there are little differences from place to place, one hometown to another, but it's still all within one big overarching culture we are all pretty much at home in... If we choose to be.

Just to prove a point one of the songs she mentions is "A Britney song".

How many of you don't know which Britney? or couldn't think of one of her songs? Not many I figure.

How many of you knew LAX is the International Air Transport Association airport code for Los Angeles International Airport. Quite a few I would guess.

Now... bonus points for London Heathrow's and San Francisco International Airport's codes... without looking them up.

"So I put my hands up
They're playin' my song
The butterflies fly away...

Noddin' my head like - Yeah
Movin' my hips like - Yeah

I got my hands up
They're playing my song
I know I'm gonna be okay
Yeah - It's a Party in the USA"

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jmb said...

I think you made a good point here Miss Moggs. But of course it is not only familiar music which makes us feel at home in a foreign place.

The OS and I spent two weeks in Japan and ate a lot of Japanese food. The biggest problem was breakfast and we never got used to the Japanese offerings. But in Kyoto where we were for a week, we found this restaurant which served a Western style eggs etc breakfast. We could cope with Japanese food for the rest of the day after this familiar start to the day.