Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Locked out of House and Home --- Moggs

Posted for Moggs Tigerpaw, our roving SL and RL reporter.

Well, I guess it's ages since I last posted. Sorry everyone... So much to do, so little time. *Sigh*

Have you ever lost your house keys at a night club? Or maybe accidentally locked yourself out?

Well that can happen in Second Life as well.

I have a lovely little apartment, in a castle. I have it how I like it, my friends think it is nice. There are also lovely roof gardens and woods and rivers with a waterfall and caves. It is my home here. I feel safe in it.

Moggs's Castle home

One of the reasons is it has really good security. Maybe you remember previous posts about intruders when we were at a different location?

Anyway, one of the things that lets SL and your security recognise where you can and can’t go is what groups you are a member of. But if you join lots of groups you eventually have to leave one to make room for another.

I was at a new club I liked the other day. They have good music and great dance animations. I was chatting to the owner and he asked if I would like group membership. I did, so I went to clear out an old group I did not visit anymore... But I have not done it much recently and I was not paying enough attention.

Imagine getting you address book out in a dark club and fumbling to jot down a number. While you concentrate on chatting to the guy. That sort of gives the feeling.

I accidentally wiped my main home clan group. It was like watching a cup falling to a hard kitchen floor. Frozen, unable to move... or maybe more like seeing your keys fall out of your clutch and right into a storm drain.

I could have cried. I just knew I was locked out. I bolted for home and our own security bounced me off the property, didn’t even get the chance to be attacked by the robot guards that I also posted about before.

So there was I standing, forlorn, in my club finery on the property boundary. I sent an Instant Message to ‘A’ hoping to get it fixed, but her computer was down so I had to wait till it was picked up.

Imagine me, standing there, holding my shoes in the rain, wet hair plastered down unable to get past a high chain link fence... that’s kind of how it felt.

Well JMB came to the rescue and put me up on her couch and I had kind offers of help from others when they found out.

JMB's couch, in front of the fire, all cosy in her log cabin

After a few days ‘A’ got her machine fixed and I am able to use my apartment again now.

SL can be so like Real Life sometimes...


jmb said...

Moggs you are welcome to my couch at any time, but I am glad you are home safe and sound again. :)

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

TY. Things are really quiet at the moment.. everyone is on vacation or busy in rl.