Sunday, October 10, 2010

Incensed - Moggs Tigerpaw

Our roving reporter Moggs is incensed by a news item

I have been sooo remiss posting, but here is another... I had been going to post on something else. But this kinda got to me.

Now when I visit real life (rl) I often travel on the subway/metro/tube/underground most working days, because of course you can’t fly or teleport in rl.

One of the things you have to keep in mind when you do that is the chance someone (probably a guy) might try to get a sneaky pic up a girl’s skirt with their mobile phone.

You even hear stories of weirdos with concealed cameras who do that, I don’t know if that is so or not. So when travelling it’s on my radar, along with keeping a lookout for pickpockets and purse snatchers and other things.

So. As far as I am concerned that is basically wrong behaviour and ought to be a criminal offence. It is certainly an outrageous invasion of personal space and privacy. People who do that really ought to be arrested. Someone doing that has got to be disturbing the peace in any reasonable society.

So maybe you can imagine what I thought when I heard that some scummy paparazzi tried to take pics up the pop star Katy Perry’s skirt. Her bf and fiancé Russell Brand was there and apparently prevented it physically and good for him that he did. I have not always been that impressed with him, but I was prepared to be impressed if he did that.

I checked out video of the incident on the net.

The two of them were pretty much surrounded by really in your face paparazzi. Then he tried to cuddle and shield her, with his arms protectively round her. Then he tried to clear a path through the Paparazzi for her, to lead her into the terminal, while they were provoking him, saying stuff to him like “ooh Russel is annoyed”, or something.

All I really saw him doing was less than the average security guy would do, just palming pushy paparazzi back out of their path.

So wait for it... He is the one that gets arrested can you believe it? Some pervert is (as they say) allegedly trying to get pics up his fiancée’s skirt to sell for profit and the guy that defends her and stops it is the one that gets arrested!

Why wasn’t the person who committed what is essentially an unacceptable sexual assault on Miss Perry and provoked the incident at least arrested as well? Or better still instead? The local police maybe need to have a little think about their priorities.

I know she is a pop star and has done scantily clad saucy photo shoots and a video wearing cotton candy but that does not mean there are not limits. Here she was just trying to use LAX airport, like anyone else. These paparazzi do not have some sort of legal immunity.

Western society does not seem willing to do anything about these people. I heard of incidents where the paparazzi actually bait some celebs in the hope they will do something that can be twisted into or used as a news story making the photos taken briefly valuable. Maybe that’s what they were doing this time too.

It seemed that the paparazzi played a pretty big part in provoking and creating the conditions for a “perfect storm”, the crash that killed Diana and her bf Dodi in Paris. I can’t help feeling that if the paparazzi had not been doing what they were that car, even with a drunk driver, would have been so very much less likely to have crashed.


jmb said...

Eek. That's not very nice! Do you think any newspaper would buy such a photo?

Anonymous said...

Apparently, paparazzi means little mosquito in Italian. They deserve to be smashed like annoying blood sucking insects.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

jmb, I bet some surely would, or where would be the market?

lgsquirrel, you called it there, on both counts ^_^