Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Real Life, Second Life and Blogging Coincide for Lunch

Today it was my pleasure to meet and have lunch with the indomitable Tom Paine, who blogs about the death of liberty in Britain over at the the Last Ditch. We both belong to Blogpower, an international group of bloggers from all walks of life and with vastly different interests.

It's how we first "met" so to speak, more than three years ago. But there is another dimension to our friendship, in that he was the reason I came to Second Life and found a niche.

Tom, or LastDitch as he is known in SL, invited us all to come to an awards ceremony on his SL airship.

Now how can people in different parts of the world be together in the same room at the same time other than in the virtual world?

It was a brilliant idea! There was just one teeny problem. He was the only one involved in SL. However he provided us all with detailed instructions on how to enroll and urged us to explore it beforehand.

It was great fun to meet and "speak" with these people in real time, even share a dance, but when we left SL that day, for most, it was never to return.

But something intrigued me enough to come back. LD found me a mentor, loaned me a grace and favour apartment, along with a cash infusion to get me started and I’ve been there ever since.

Tom's a lawyer in RL and came to Vancouver for the International Bar Association meeting but he was gracious enough to take time out of his busy schedule for lunch with his SL/blogging friend.

Funnily enough we hardly spoke of blogging or SL, but while we enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Fish House in Stanley Park the conversation never seemed to falter as we talked about this and that.

Enjoy your visit to our beautiful city Tom/Last and thank you for your company today.

Sigh, excuse the different sized fonts. I've tried to fix them several times, just not my day technically speaking!


Shades said...

He'll be naming some form of Second Life transportation after you now, if he hasn't already!

Tom Paine said...

Shades, the USS Vancouver was named in JMB's honour some time ago (though as my SL activities are much reduced these days it's lost somewhere in deep space at present).

It was good to meet you the old-fashioned way, JMB, and as you say the conversations flowed naturally from cyberspace to meatspace. I certainly thought we gave the lie to the MSM stereotype of socially inept bloggers!

Vancouver is very photogenic and I am sorry my stay is so brief.

CherryPie said...

It sounds like you had great fun :-)

I have never quite managed to meet up with a fellow blogger yet but I have managed to meet up I have met up with TU people I have only known on line and in the days of snail mail I have met up with pen pals. So I know how much fun it can be :-)

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

It is amaising when you think about it, especially thinking of how far apart you two are in rl.

And if it were not for the internet it would never have been likely to happen because you would never have known each other...