Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Catching the Wave

From the pen of our roving reporter, Moggs Tigerpaw

I read something interesting today. A Boston Consultancy are saying that the "The internet is pervasive in the UK economy today, more so than in most advanced countries,". And this is above the US, Germany and France.

I had not thought about it really.. not till I read that.

Now as an Avatar I am of course entirely a creature of virtuality and the internet ^_^ I owe my existence to it. I don’t get to spend as much time in Second Life as I would like of course, there is Real Life too.

So.. thinking about RL and the internet.. just personally mind you.

Well I spend easily as much time on the internet as I do watching TV, probably more. For entertainment and work.

My grocery shopping is practically all bought over the net and delivered to my door these days. It saves so much bother time and expense, especially round the holidays. I have a choice of at least 4 providers.

Speaking of holidays, lots of my Christmas presents are bought over the net, more and more each year. Also big purchases. I “Research” exactly what I want and you can get really keen prices, usually better than the stores.
Also Vacations we look for them on the net.

Music. If I buy a physical CD it is often ordered from Amazon. Mostly I just download from the Apple store to my i-touch.

I basically just don’t send snail mail any more. I do write regularly to friends and relatives... but they are emails. Some work colleagues I have never actually met, tho we interact regularly, some friends I have only ever met virtually. JMB for instance. We are separated by oceans yet still we are friends thanks to the net.

I sometimes use voip to Skype friends and relatives for free, well free once you allow for having paid for an internet connection and a computer.

I expect if I thought about it I could add more things. I don’t know if I am unusual, it all crept up on me over time. Is the UK more “plugged in” than the French? The US? I don’t know. I do know I would fight tooth and nail to keep my online grocery shopping and deliveries ^_^.

I still mostly buy books physically, myself tho. I love the feel, the smell of bookshops, the restful way sound gets soaked up and the world is held at bay. The feel, the sensation, of a book in my hands... and when you open it the smell of new print that blooms as you do mmmmmmmmm.....


jmb said...

Interesting post Miss Moggs. Definitely spend more time online than watching TV. I'm a big online shopper too! But for books, because they are so much cheaper online, even from the same company, but I go to the bookstore to check them out and make a list.

My dilemna is an e-reader. Do I? Don't I? So far I don't but I do get tempted.

lady macleod said...

I have a Kindle, which is great for travel, but I still buy books for home... can't be a good book store.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

I have thought about a kindle or reader also! But I am waiting for them to iprove and become more boo-like with two pages opposite and maybe some sort of electronic paper.

I can see how useful they could be when traveling.

I do love real books tho. I guess I just had lots of excitement and pleasure from browsing Libraries and bookstores since I was small. And in the reading...