Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Contrasts and Beauty

I almost did a post on the beautiful autumnal fall colours this year.. now I am I guess ^_^

The other day I was driving home through a frozen wintery wonderland.

Lots of the snow had melted. There was still some in the fields and in places where it had drifted, but we had some mild weather for a couple of days and lots had melted. Then it was really cold the night before and we had a hard frost. The next day it didn't get above freezing all day.

There was a freezing mist that blued out the distance. Low cloud and no sunshine and all the twigs and trees in the hedgerows and all the dried out plants in the verges were coated in icy frosting and looked beautiful. Wintery and beautiful all whites, greys, mauves, pinks and blues.

...and then it struck me how short a time separated this very beautiful scene I was driving through from an equally beautiful autumnal scene I had experienced.

So here it comes... One Sunday afternoon, only a few weeks ago, I had been driving over to a friends. It was a lovely afternoon with intensely blue skies, there were birds playing high up and warm golden honeyed sunshine painting everything.

I was really struck by how truly beautiful the fall colours were, they seemed so much more vivid than usual, with wonderful golds, and red in so many different shades. Dare I say as good as new England usually is if not a tad better? It lifted me up emotionally, so much in fact that I still remember it very vividly.

A perfect combination of time of day and season. Sky, sun and foliage.


lady macleod said...

Lovely mental pictures you created...

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Thank you Lady M. I guess that is one of the things language is for really. Letting people share experiences.

Lee said...

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, jmb...and may 2011 be kind to us all. Best wishes from Down Under!