Monday, January 17, 2011


It's so dark and so early. It's raining really, really, wet rain, and it really means it.

Today is Blue Monday. According to the radio it is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Now I must admit I wasn't feeling uber depressed, just a bit Monday morningish.

I have just got off my train, off the platform onto the concourse. I guess I am feeling.. less than utterly slim, if I thought about it, but I just can't be asked to beat myself up over it too much just now. Whatever...

So of course I pop into a convenience store at the station to get something utterly unsuitable for breakfast ^_^.

While I stand at the counter making my guilt inducing purchase I notice faint singing. Not a radio, more... ethereal.

I turn to walk out of the store trying to figure where it was coming from. As I walk out I notice a young Hindu woman stacking the shelves.

It was her, quietly singing something to herself. It sounded cheerful and as I pass we catch each other's eye for a moment and smile at one another.

I walk on with a hint of a bounce in my step, smiling slightly and feeling somehow good, my mood elevated.


sally in norfolk said...

A moment is all it takes :-) :-0

jmb said...

Well it turned out to be Blue Monday for me, funnily enough not in RL but in SL. Everyone seemed very cranky and I was hauled over the coals by three different people. Sighs.

I'm glad you day was brightened by this incident.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Sally ^_^

JMB, Maybe they were cranky because of the reason it is blue monday?

And then they made it blue for you too.

I think people often do pass on stressy bad stuff and they multiply it spreading it.

I think we all need to do our best to resist letting it make us mean or grumpy or passing it on.