Thursday, February 24, 2011

Drive to Arrive

Some young guy got wiped from the face of the earth last year. In an instant. In a Road accident. It was on a route I use. I never saw it, just found out after.

His friends and family put flowers and stuff on the spot by the side of the highway, a picture at first I think also.

He is not the first, just the latest. I hate it when I see new forlorn little bunches of flowers appear by the side of the road. In the UK it basically means one thing...

Why is it so often young guys at night, brim full of confidence and promise, their lives stretching out in front of them like the open road one moment - the next it’s all just might have beens, if onlys, no undoing it, wasted opportunities and tears.

Often these things are at places you think “Why there?”, not on a bend or anything, but with clear views.

Everyone. Please. Just think twice when you are driving, especially guys – but also girls, girls too, no get out of jail free card for you.

“Drive to arrive.”.

If that’s all you remember about this post then remember those three words.

So the flowers got sad and faded... and they were replaced several times, at slightly longer intervals.

They were just recycling themselves when, come Christmas, they were replaced with balloons and Christmassy stuff. I guess someone just couldn’t bare the thought of him missing out on Christmas. Maybe lonely and cheerless.

When I saw that it made me smile sadly and tear up a bit thinking that. Heart wrenching, Poignant.

So Christmas came and then disappeared again in life’s rear view mirror.

A week or two back I drove past it again in the dark. I thought I saw someone tall and slim, standing there in a long coat maybe looking at the spot. Odd - maybe someone paying respects I figured.

I moved wide past and realised there was no vehicle nearby. I did a double take and realised there was no one actually there.

Funny the tricks your mind can play on you. A shadow maybe...


jaz said...

Those roadside memorials are so touching aren't they? We have one near us, been there for ten years or more, on the way to the University where some poor student ran into a tree. He must have been on the soccer team as there's a soccer shirt there amongst the things.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Touching for the love they show, but saddening for the loss they mark.