Friday, March 25, 2011

Saturday Photo Hunt ---- Cage(d)


I'm a zoo person! I love to visit them and watch the animals. One of my favourite zoos is the San Diego Zoo. There the animals are displayed in very natural surroundings and the fact that they are "caged" is rather subtle for the most part.

These gorillas are certainly confined by dry moats and a low fence but no traditional cage for them. They can people watch without the interference of wire.

Not true for this fellow however, for while his habitat is as pleasant as they can make it, he lives his life totally within a large cage. Click to enlarge if you wish.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Saturday Photo Hunt ---- License plate


For 16 years I drove a rather unusually coloured Ford Taurus, a sort of soft celadon green. Everyone knew it was me, especially as it only seemed to be available for that one year. But it died and I had to get a new car last summer. It's a boring silver grey one, as owned by every other car driver it seems. My friends said, how will we know it's you now?

Well at Christmas time, not needing anything really, I suddenly thought of the outrageous idea of getting personalized license plates as a gift. Tadah! Well JMB was already taken it seems, so it had to be my second choice, JMB 1.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Saturday Photo Hunt --- Machines


Here's a pair of machines I saw today when I was out with my walking group. I have been told these large apartment buildings, on the edge of False Creek, which is an offshoot of Vancouver Harbour, are apparently sinking, so they are driving pylons into the ground nearby. Oh yes, it was incredibly noisy. Click to make a little larger. Sadly I upgraded to iPhoto 11 and the images do not upload at full size or even a decent size. Even more sad is the fact that I can't go back. to the previous version. Sighs.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Goofing Off!

Normally I hate these things but this ornamental
cabbage warranted a photo

I see that while I have been on a little hiatus from blogging, or one might say goofing off, I passed the fourth anniversary of the date I ventured into the blogging world, February 8th, 2007.

I don't consider myself a writer by any standards, but over that course of time I've written over 700 posts and if you consider each to be the equivalent of at least a page, well I've written a rather lengthy book. The truly amazing thing is I have never published a post that has not received comments, from the very first one, when 6 kindly people welcomed me into the blogosphere, until now.

But sometimes the muse leaves even the best of writers, let alone me. It's not that I haven't had things of interest to tell, like going to New York City for Thanksgiving, or lots of occasions at the theatre or some interesting books I've read recently which I could have recommended. I even lost focus on Photo Hunt, such that Miss Moggs bravely took up the baton with it and she has been keeping the home fires burning so to speak, with thoughts on this and that.

Well last Saturday I returned to the hunt, after more than a month away and I'll certainly try to keep that up. As for the rest, well as the spirit moves.

I am well, in case you thought I might be having health issues. Still croaking away, although more strongly, but learning to accept that it is what it is. I have every reason to be grateful overall I know.

Four years! My aim was to complete one year at least, then a second went by, and a third. This last, my fourth, my annus horribilis, has seen a lot less action here. Let's see what the fifth one brings, but don't hold your breath!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Saturday Photo Hunt --- Self Portrait


It's been a while since I've participated in Photo Hunt, having had a little hiatus from blogging. I'm going to treat this theme as being a Portrait of Self, rather than Self Portrait. You can paint yourself easily but photographing yourself, well that requires more organization.

Now I'm not planning on using this photo anytime soon, but I call it my Funeral photo. You know the one they have on a stand at the front of the church at funerals. The departed one looking his or her very best. Obviously it's not current. I was in my mid forties at the time but I've always liked it for some reason. Yes, I do have that very pale, very freckly, Celtic skin, even today, thirty years later, although the flash washed it out a little.


Saturday Photo Hunt

Self Portrait

Another Moggsy Photohunt. I hope I remembered the theme right. I have really been rushing to get this done and it would be just my luck if I got it utterly wrong. Hope I get credit for next week if I did ^_^

OK. I think the theme is self portraits this week. Seems simple enough…

This is my try at digitally painting a picture in oils on canvas… of me, naturally. That would make it a self portrait by anyone’s reckoning surely? It even has a frame.

It is from a pic of me taken through the window of a car parked up near a nightclub.
The hair do students among you (a little running theme) will notice it is yet another different platinum do, this time bound up with a black ribbon.

I used the pic this is done from to do my profile pic, maybe it would work for the by-line pic also...

I thought the whole thing looks quite 1960s. Sort of glamerous and Bond movie-ish, what do you think?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A spooky Tale

I was not sure how to start this post, I heard of it and thought it would make an interesting post, but how to tell it?. So please be patient with me as it goes round the houses just a little.

First... a little bit of history.

In the middle of the 19th century Victorian London was crazy-busy and huge numbers of people needed to be able to get about the city, especially to and from the railway termini feeding into London.

Some of you may not know it, but London's underground system (Subway/Tube/Metro) was the very first, and is the oldest in the world.

It wasn't planned and built by just one company, but each line was built by separate ones formed specially to build them, sometimes in the early days they were in competition in some places. It sort of evolved organically... and it grew one or two appendixes along the way.^_^

So in 1860 work was started on the Metropolitan Railway (now the Metropolitan tube line) to link three of London's main line termini with the City. The first bit of the line was opened in January 1863 between Paddington and Farringdon. Way to go!

By the turn of the century there were a number of lines. One was run by the Central London Railway (now the central line) formed in 1891. It was electric and opened in June 1900. Now we are getting to the point, so pay attention ^_^. One of the Stations on it was 'British Museum' at 133, High Holborn. What is now Holborn Station was opened in 1906 and in time became an interchange between the Piccadilly and Central lines.

'British Museum' was between Tottenham Court Road and Chancery Lane when it was opened, close to the Museum, of which more later.

by September 1933 'Holborn' Station was by then a more useful interchange station now, on the same line, close by, so British Museum was closed. It is not the only station that happened to. There are lots of disused stations under London, cut loose by the flow of the city's history.

Did any of you read Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman? I really enjoyed it.

Ok so back to the actual Museum the station was near, and named for. The British Museum is fascinating especially if you like ancient history.

It is one of the oldest in the world Founded in 1753 by Act of Parliament. I have visited it a few times. There are ancient statues and sarcophagi and Mummies... It is worth a visit.

And now back to that station but keeping in mind the mummies...

Not long after the station closed people started claiming the newly disused station was haunted. Haunted by the ghost of an ancient (surely beautiful and exotic also?)Egyptian Princess who would return to haunt it late at night, dressed in a fabulous regal loincloth and headdress, wailing and screaming in the tunnels.

The haunting was rumoured to be some part of the curse of Princess Amen-Ra's tomb, a curse on any who disturbed her rest. Her sarcophagus had arrived in the British Museum in 1889. There were rumours she was taken out of the sarcophagus because there had been too many incidents and disturbances.

She herself ended up going down with the Titanic can you believe, though she lived around 3000 years before it was ever built.

At the time The rumours about the haunting got so strong it is said a newspaper offered a reward to anyone who would dare to spend the night there, but no one took them up on the challenge.

In 1935, two years after the station closed two women are said to have disappeared from the platform at Holborn... and marks were subsequently found on the walls of the old station...

More recently it is said that she can still sometimes be heard, further on down the track, at Holborn station.

'British Museum' station is still down there, on the Central Line, between 'Tottenham Court Road' station and 'Holborn' station.