Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring in the air and in my step

This morning I feel good, for no accountable reason - and I just had to share it.

I have not been able to make much time lately for sl, or blogging and I have missed that. I half started several posts and they didn't get finished or posted.

Tho maybe it is accountable...

On account of the bright golden morning sunshine guilding everything in glory. The blue sky, warmth in the air and the fact that spring has finally and unarguably sprung.

Such simple things can lift us up. So - just now, my soul has fairy wings... and is dancing

.. and I thought the world is so full of bad stuff it might be nice to share this feeling. Now I need to publish this before something dents my good mood :-)

Oh. Three tracks I am really liking just now:

"All I Ever Wanted" by Faith hill - don't confuse it with Basshunter's track of the same title (that I also liked) Also

"Desenchantee" (radio Mix) by Siria ...aaand

"Be Your Wings" by Girl Next Door(the Girl x1 Boy x2 group) I really like as a bouncy Track and it has a great video also.


jaz said...

Yes Spring here today too. The OS is cutting the lawn, much to his disgust.

I'll have to find those three tracks and check them out. :)

jaz said...

LOL. well you know who Jaz is.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Jaz, After I thought, maybe spring does not quite go far enough.. almost more like early summer.

I would have tried to fund links for those 3 tracks, but annoyingly they often don't seem to work everywhere. That 'Girl Next Door' video is cleverly done as a series of stop motion stills.