Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Photo Hunt --- Looking Down

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Oops! Dropped the ball last week. I forgot to do a PhotoHunt. JMB is away (hopefully having a wonderful time) of which probably more later...

I wondered if I should take it in a social or metaphorical sense, or maybe like the feeling low sense, but in the end I decided to be (possibly less adventurously) absolutely literal.

Now in rl I saw a guy putting up a satellite dish on top of an 8 story apartment block. He was looking down, but I figure I should stick to sl for my posts, that is where I live.

Sooo.. I have a couple of pics that ought to fit the subject. I am still not totally sure if it is
entirely ok to put in more than one pic at a time. But whatever.. Let's live dangerously.

The first pic is of me, in the hall of our castle.

It is taken from the gallery looking down into the hall. There are the three thrones on the stage at the end. Behind them are windows that open onto a balcony that looks out on the ocean. The clan stone with the sword is to the right. I am in the Elven warrior standing in the hall.

The second is of a friend outside her home.

It is taken looking down from a trees branches. It is a beautiful estate she lives in that has a park and dance club. The sharp eyed amongst you might notice she is also an elf.

I have included a 'bonus' close-up of me showing my current look to finish.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Well, another Eurovision Song Contest has been and gone (Sat May 14).

*waves to it as it dissapears into history*

Some of you may not know what it is, maybe it's better that way? ^_^

It is very important to lots of Europeans. The rules forbid any commercially successful songs being entered... maybe that says something right there? Tho they are allowed to be successful (if they can be) after the contest.

Although it is “Euro”vision the Turks, Russians and Israelis also take part in it.

It would probably be waaay better if Simon Cowell were running it, but he probably never will. ^_^

Now I can't claim this post is absolutely my own idea as 'SW', when i mentioned Blue, knowing my interest in music, gave me ammo, wound me up and sent me off to write it. whirrrr.... click-click.. whirrr...

This year the UK's entry was "I Can" It was sung by "Blue". Now I think it was the best song entered, I even bought it. Not the greatest track in the history of the world ever, but good enough that I paid real cash money for it and put it on my itouch.

OK. So I do realise that national musical tastes are real and do vary - Especially European tastes. In fact they often absolutely do vary, big time, from what I guess I should call English speaking transatlantic norms. So I am not Bit#*$%n because blue did not win.

There is a list of the songs here.

So, even though I personally thought it was self evidently 'right up there', as one of the best three or 4 songs, if not the best, I still didn't necessarily expect Europeans to think it was best also.

You simply would not believe some of the stuff that scores highly in the contest.

At this point I do have to declare that I did call in a vote for the winner Azerbaijan, so I am not dissing it or anything. Tho being honest, and I hope objective, if I only had one vote and I could have, I would probably have voted for Blue, purely on musical grounds and leaving Duncan right out of it.^_^

Now the BBC, I guess, trying to talk up the result, given how much TV Tax they spend on it, are saying "Blue managed to notch up a respectable score - 100 points - compared with last year's entry that came last with just 10 points."

But that's not really saying much, if you think about it.

Sure. It was way better than coming last, but no way were there, even by European standards, 10 songs in that contest that anyone rational would really think were better. (Did you hear that awful mix of the Greeks did with rap bolted on to an otherwise ok-is song? What were they thinking of?) I can sort of guess why Ireland entered Jedward. I won't be too mean about them they are at least wierdly cute.

So the BBC would say that wouldn't they? Or they might end up with the Boss of the BBC hanging onto the big aerial on top of Broadcasting House (maybe being attacked by biplanes?) while citizens with pitch forks and burning torches baying for his blood below.^_^

So, following the money trail… The "Big Five". The UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy automatically qualify for the final because, basically they cover the lion's share of the whole cost, they pay for it

Now back in 2008 The Eurovision Bosses tried to tell us sponsorship deals and "other sources of funding" could now easily cover the costs of Eurovision, should the big 5 nations bankrolling the EBU decide to withdraw.

So why don't they raise the cash that way - if it is true?

It is quite difficult to find out actual figures for it on the net (not saying there is a conspiracy to keep it looow profile or anything... nooooo) but it looks like the BBC coughed up north of £300,000 toward the 2010 contest, that ,they say, could easily be covered some other way.

I have a sneaking suspicion - and I am absolutely not alone in this that it is pretty much impossible for the UK to win the contest, no matter how good the song. Not so much because of European musical tastes, more to do with the voting system, voting blocks and politics.

I would guess the only country less likely to be able to win, if it could ever take part, would be the US, and not because the song sucked or anything.

Maybe it is time this contest was finally allowed to finance it's self, if it can. Like "fly little bird, be free!"

Maybe the winner ought to be decided by downloads even? Might be more real, more credible, more honest. At least voters would have to put their money where their mouth is.


Yesterday, I was driving in the early morning, listening to my radio. The roads were empty, the fields and hedgerows and trees, lush with early summer.

The sky was clear, promising a golden morning, and it had rained a little overnight. The moisture was rising out of the ground as a low lying mist.

The moon was almost full, straight ahead of me, low to the horizon and looking huge.

The sky and landscape was all soft muted pastels. Pinks and purples and blues in the sky with a huge faded silver/white lace moon and greens and greys and blues and misty silvers in the fields, like stage backdrops in front of other backdrops, each slightly faded with distance.

It was all so beautiful in that moment, like some precious jewel to be put away in my box of memories to keep... and share.

It made me feel good to be alive.