Friday, May 20, 2011


Yesterday, I was driving in the early morning, listening to my radio. The roads were empty, the fields and hedgerows and trees, lush with early summer.

The sky was clear, promising a golden morning, and it had rained a little overnight. The moisture was rising out of the ground as a low lying mist.

The moon was almost full, straight ahead of me, low to the horizon and looking huge.

The sky and landscape was all soft muted pastels. Pinks and purples and blues in the sky with a huge faded silver/white lace moon and greens and greys and blues and misty silvers in the fields, like stage backdrops in front of other backdrops, each slightly faded with distance.

It was all so beautiful in that moment, like some precious jewel to be put away in my box of memories to keep... and share.

It made me feel good to be alive.


Tom Paine said...
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jmb said...

What a lovely moment in your day. Thanks for sharing it Miss Moggs.