Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Photohunt --- Dirty

Ooh.. Dirty... Well that can be looked at several ways, can't it?

There is just plain Dirty as in covered with dirt, or you can have Dirty Money.. or like the Tao Cruz song says, Dirty Pictures.

Well I thought on it some and I got a short messy 'Dirty Blonde' hair do ^_^.

Then I got deressed what some might call a little barefoot and trashy... (But hey! It's my front yard so no dirty looks!)

...and then I got gardening and cleaning and scrubbing.

Now I am still not so so sure about the number of pics allowed, and I admit I am sometimes terrible about making my mind up, especially if picking an outfit to go out in.

So here are three for the price of one 'value' pics.

One of me trying to look, if not dirty, at least cutely grubby, in my garden.

Also a couple of me in my kitchen, before I got myself cleaned up.

Feel free to comment..

...but no dirty ones please ^_^


Luna Miranda said...

i like your garden pose.:p
fun take on this week's theme.

jmb said...

Lol. Gardening in SL? Don't you get enough of that in RL? Well done for the theme Miss Moggs!

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Thanks Luna.

I guess cows are more popular, based on 1 (can't count your's JMB) comment to 9.

That sort of ratio will sell cat food...

Nine out of 10 Photo Hunters (who expressed a preference) prefer dirty cows to grubby moggsies ^_^

Anonymous said...

How could cows possibly be more popular?!! I think many readers are still in the process of recovering their dropped jaws. Allow another 24 hours for their brains to re-engage.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

LGS ^_^