Thursday, July 21, 2011

Close Encounters of the Pointy Kind

It was a quiet day at the camp. There had been something happened earlier, I had heard of signs of arrows expended, Panthers unaccounted for. Townsmen again.

So I had a look round the forest and then took up position on the 'battlements'. I was trying to pot deer as far away as possible for target practice and provisions. Looking out for deer I spot a guy sneaking through the forest. I don't think he was a Townsman. We are being a bit sensitive about people getting too close to our camp just now. So I figured it would be good to try out my shooting skill on him.

He had stopped behind a tree and was looking at the camp, but I could see him from the angle I was at so I hit him with a flurry of arrows. I could tell I was getting direct body hits, so I should have been doing good damage. Then he started to move. I kept up fair accuracy getting more direct and 'splash' hits where the arrow bounces off the ground. I must have got in around 20 hits.

Finally he worked out where I was from my arrows and shot back at be. His arrow hit me real hard, doing real damage. It stunned me and I realised I couldn't take many more hits and survive so I moved sharpish, while trying to cover the approach to our palisade gate. I was shooting in a high arc to at least keep him busy dodging while I recovered.

I had him wary enough of me he was at least treating my shooting with respect. Then, not watching where I trod and trying to get a beter shot I slipped off the battlement and fell outside the camp.

"Oops!" I thjought... He spotted it and charged up shooting. Again there were a couple of very hard hits.

Then I sensed (by im) "Y" had escaped from the Town. I called to her to stay away as I was under attack.

I realised we were very unevenly matched and figuring it worked for me once decided to try for the ferry.

He was basically between me and the ferry so I set off dodging (Jinking I am told) as fast as I could run in the opposite direction towards the trading post with him at my heels. Then I curved, going closer towards the Town, and ended up doing a sort of "U" or "J" shaped path recovering from my hit damage a little as I did. I had managed to pull ahead and jumped onto the ferry and away. I kept quiet all through this (too busy fighting and escaping), no jeers or anything, so did he.

Once I was away and safe at the market I gradually recovered fully, he didn't follow.

After, I wondered if he was the same intruder pulled off the sneaky ambush the other day.

Later I went through the events with "A". She wondered if his bow or armour might be illegal (too good) anyway as it seemed too powerful and the damage I was able to inflict not as much as should be expected.

I am not sure, as we are not allowed armour and men are so much stronger. It might have just been that. I didn't log chat at the time so can't say for sure who he was now.


Donnetta said...

Oh, these addictions. I'm retired now, too. Trying to get some writing done. Best as always. D

Moggsy said...

Donnetta, Work soo gets in the way of having a good time ^_^.

jmb said...

Aren't you glad you can turn off the computer and go back to RL? Fun to live for a while but.......

Moggsy said...

Welll.. maybe.

exciting place to visit.. but would you want to live there?

James Higham said...

I am not sure, as we are not allowed armour and men are so much stronger.

Classic line.

Moggsy said...

James, ... yes.

In other words, I did not necesssarily agree that he had an illegal weapon, as the "physics" of Gor makes guys much stronger than girls, so the damage they can inflict is more too.

Also as a Panther I am forbidden proper armour to soak up damage.

On the other hand "A" is more expert on these things than me so it si possible.

So how is it a "classic line", apart from it sounds a bit girly but in this case is true?

James Higham said...

How close to your avatar are you in RL, Moggsy? I'm not far away from mine - minus the hair. LOL.

Moggsy said...

James, That would be telling. Plus it is sl, so no “Oliver Cromwelling” for me TY ^_^.

But I guess a proper reply could be almost a post just on it’s own.

I did start out trying to get as close to rl as I could, but I could never get it so I thought it looked right. After I managed to get something that looked like a sort of average of members of the family I used that as my basis.

But I do like to tweak my look from time to time to fit with rp and stuff, Update with newer better quality skins as I can afford it, or just for fun, like dressing up. Those in the know call it a “Moggsy Makeover” and I have been known to help GFs to do makeovers also.

Hmmnnn Maybe I could make Linden$ being an sl stylist…

I have never died my hair red in rl, except with those loud temporary colours, for a party or something. I am naturally brunette, with a tendency to bleach in the sun.

Moggsy said...

Oh James! Grr!! Your comment made me ty to go and make a verion of me that was more rl-ish. It is still more an impression than anything. But I did get a couple of compiments *Smiles*.

*frowns and wags finger* But that is no excuse.

My carefully put together Panther look got lost, wetched new sl Viewer! And it is only half back together again weven now

...and it is your fault.