Friday, July 1, 2011

An Earth Girl’s Adventures in Gor

Ooh boy! Let me tell you about adventures.

There is there is world called Gor. I have been a bit scared to go there up to now. Gor is big in sl, huge, like Steampunk and Vampires are big.

You all heard of Vampires maybe the Twilight books/movies or read Ann Rice maybe, and how things work with them I expect, maybe Steampunk also?

Well the world of Gor is based on books by a guy called John Norman, as far as I can tell they are something like 'X' Certificate Edgar RFice Burrows. Pretty risqué erotica really, not for shelves in the book store low enough for kids to get hold of them.

Basically Gor is a counter earth. Societies there are technologically primitive (swords, bows n arrows, spears) male dominated society that keeps slaves.

I am not sure about the books but one of the main occupations of guys in Second Life is to steal or capture female slaves or Karjira. ^_^

There are two main distinct cultures. A northern one and a southern one. The northern is more European, the Southern more Eastern/Southern Mediterranean. There are also counterparts to Vikings and native Americans.

There are all sorts of different classes in the main societies. They basically split into groups or casts and sub-casts. They include free men and women, warriors and slaves.

I bet you can Google tons about it.

So I had avoided Gor, because it seemed to be insanely complicated and very easy to slip up and to be specifically designed as a guy’s paradise, so why should I be cannon fodder, grist for the mill?

Mostly the girly advice was to avoid it, and I have for years.

But I got talking to a Panther. Now Panthers are women who live on the outskirts of Gorian ‘civilisation’ In the vast Northern Forests and woods.

Panthers are women who can’t or don’t want to fit in with the Gorian norms. They come from all levels of Gorian society, Escaped slaves, Free women, you name it.

So I did a little research and got a guy I trusted to show me around. I got dressed in something that turned out to be unsuitable armed with illegal (for women) weapons (so much for research) and after being assured I was “fine” we set off.

I had worked out a character/history. I felt like some sort of secret agent doing that ^_^

I was one of two sisters. Young daughters of a scribe, who had run away to join the Panthers, who they had heard tales of, rather than one of them be partnered with a guy their Father (probably sensibly) wanted for them, but they could not want to be with. Nicely accounting for any mistakes made and total lack of fighting ability. Way to go Moggsy! ^_^

When we arrived the first stop was a huge sort of meeting centre or clearing house full of people from all over Gor talking and arranging stuff.

Then we moved on to where there is this vast map in a sort of arena/stadium place..

You walk over the face of Gor like some sort of giantess to where you need to be and then teleport into the world at that location. The map really is the world ^_^

Despite seeming giant, in the pic I am still a tiny figure against the whole map, standing by the northen forests (the picture is taken facing south from the north). That gives an idea of the scale of it.

But he had to go off and do something after not really answering my questions about the prominent posters banning most non sanctioned armed females… Hmmnnnn

He went off to see a girl, with the parting advice to get in touch with my friend the Panther about details and guidance in that region.

To be fair he made sure I had an observer's tag and I think the rules vary, depending on where you are.. and he did say he was persona non grata with the authorities in that geographical location over some .. trifling misunderstanding. I think maybe some group of Panthers thinking on it after.

I was very struck by how beautiful, well made and detailed the sim was.

So I got in touch with ‘D’, an elder of a Panther clan. She had a quick OMG!! Over my general attire, seriously illegal weapons and general “walking disaster waiting to happen to me”-ness.

A quick shopping trip later.. Ahh Shopping… Stores I do know. And with the assistance of "Y" another Panther I met and more shopping with "L" and I looked the part. An awesomely sexy part too, I have been assured by several male acquaintances and a number of female ones also.

Basically the outfit I ended up is a fur bikini with fur leggings and a bow, daggers and darts. Also a GM ‘meter’ that keeps track of your health and fits you into the rules. I decided on going red head with an updo involving a looped plait and feathers.

OK so there I am looking the part with simply no real idea what to do. I can talk the talk.. but as for walking the walk? Nooo..

So super quick advice and a bit of training from several helpful people gives me the ability to know I am in deep doo-doo if I try to go up against anyone who knows what they are actually doing..

Oh and did I mention? Women are considerably weaker than guys on Gor.. by order of the laws of nature. And that is imposed on you too. So a girl needs to be much better than a guy to have a hope of equalling, or doing better than, him… Hmmmnnn sound familiar anyone?

“Crazy girl” you will be thinking by now, or maybe if you are a guy “Heyyyy.. easy capture” and I am not necessarily saying you are completely wrong.

I was genuinely nervous and scared as I got off the river barge to make my way to the camp in the forest. A raw Panther recruit. I saw one of the clan’s scouts as I approached who shouted at me to “Knock an arrow and Ruuunnn!, taking her own advice. I followed as best I could.

Thwack! Twang! Thwack! Arrows were falling and nipping at me as I ran. “Oh Crap! Oh Crap!” I thought and tried to zigzag and get behind a hill.

It turned out a sister had captured an intruder and was trying to trade them back when it all went pear shaped and a small brush war developed that I had walked into the middle of.

So I did a lot of running and shooting and hiding and spying. With a bunch of self assured full-of-themselves guys against us. I hit one who was a little too sure of himself enough that he had to actually run from me, but to be honest it mostly went the other way.

I did some spying and we regrouped, but then got really hit.

We ran for it, fighting as we retreated and splitting up. I was soo close to being captured when I reached the ferry 15%. Health and falling. I escaped down river by the skin of my teeth, not forgetting to Jeer at the guys in return for their insults.

I could hear our scout got captured and someone else "Y"? made it back to our secret camp. But I had managed somehow, against the odds, to at least get away ...and hurl insults back at them while I did it. Somehow it felt like a great victory. Way to go Moggsy!

Woo-Hooo! What a rush!. I got so into it. I was petrified but bouncing off the walls. I guess maybe that is why guys love this sort of stuff.

I soo need to practice this stuff.

Now we need to mount a rescue…


James Higham said...

There is there is world called Gor. I have been a bit scared to go there up to now. Gor is big in sl, huge, like Steampunk and Vampires are big.

And suddenly, we're off and running.

Anonymous said...

My goodness. Will you still be blogging if you end up being captured?

jmb said...

Such a rush Miss Moggs. Better than drugs methinks!

Very intriguing post but not sure I will be joining you as yet.

Moggsy said...

James.. Err?

LGS, I have secret lines of communication hehe. Tho I am working hard to avoid being captured.

JMB ^_^ true.

Phil A said...

It sounds as if you are having an exciting time. Perhaps you should be extra vigilant for potential captors. I have heard a Panther is considered a great prize in certain circles.

Where did you say Your Panther hideout was again? :-)