Monday, July 18, 2011

Earth Girls are... Armed to the Teeth

Tal everyone. Well life ticks on in Gor.

Some of our band were captured by Townsmen in the forest and held prisoner over the last day or so.

What is it with the way they obsess over Panthers anyway? I heard they have a tavern in town called “The Chained Panther” or some such.

So the elders decided we should make it real hot for the Townsmen if they crept more than an arrows flight into the forest. The idea being to maybe trade prisoners and generally discourage them from the forest on principle.
Also a band of mercenaries have set up camp fairly close to the town. I wonder if they will make a nuisance of themselves? ...And I heard a farmer had cleared some trees and set up, better not be more where he came from.

“Y” got back and had picked up a slave from somewhere who is happily pottering round the camp at the moment.

I was hunting in the forest the other day thinking, either two, or four legged, prey would do.

In the end I got a couple of deer and a condescending “Don’t worry babe. I am only after deer… so long as you don’t come too close to the town.”, call from a Townsman. I noted he was staying in sight of the walls, mostly on the town side of the bridge and gave that right back to him. I guess he seemed ok.

I also snuck up to the new Mercs compound in the NE and spied it out. There is a solid wood palisade with a gate in the corner. It has a big communal tent, a couple of smaller ones and an open one. There is also a cooking area.

I was soo not impressed with their lookout. Someone was there but maybe too occupied to keep watch, easy enough to shoot an arrow over their palisade I bet.

Later a trader came to the trading post in the forest, “F” and I went there. She picked up some spices and wine in exchange for a nice fur. I kept watch and chatted to the Trader after. Maybe we will keep in touch.

I am still practicing every chance I get to improve my weapons skills. I am told I am not too bad.

My main opponent is this automated ranger-bot at the OOC common practice ground. It is practically unbeatable on the top settings, but I am told no one wins against it set like that. Even set lower it still kicks my ass nine and a half times out of ten at the moment.

Weaponised Moggsy

OK a word about weapons. The very first thing I bought a nice bow for myself. It cost me 600 Linden$. I also bought a set of throwing daggers.

I shopped in the Primus Weapons Store:

Primus Weapons – Gorean Weapons, Primus Weapons (83, 55, 906)

Conspicuous product placement guys! if you feel like giving out any freebies, or anything…

I planned to go back there because they were affordable. I liked the products aaand a single HUD can conveniently cover all of their weapons. so much easier, plus it comes with built in grappling hooks.

Well I wanted to make sure I had at least one good melee weapon and took advice from “D” I really liked this weapon set that had a spear, bow and dagger at a discount pack price, but it had a shield and that is a no-no for us. Then I saw one similar also at a discount with a glaive instead. I thought surely that can’t be illegal but “D” assured me it was. I thought that was stupid. So I didn’t have any more time right then and bought nothing.

Later I went back with “L” my sl fellow runaway sister. We couldn’t find any spears without glaives. I guess I could have bought one and tried using it without, but $600L I did not want to chance.

Anyway I saw this lovely pair of roman sandals with knife built in in two colours so I snapped those up, melee weapon problem solved.

Then I spotted this… Hmm best kept for backup as a nice surprise… so I won’t post on it just in case. Mwahahaaa! If you-go down-to the woods-today…


Gledwood said...

Isn't it true some people have become millionaires in those Linden Dollars and you actually can convert them into real dollar bills...?

But where would you do the conversion? And does anybody except the taxman know who these mysterious Linden Millionaires might be?

Actually how naive of me! Taxman's gonna be the LAST one to know ha ha har...(!!)

jmb said...

Hi Gleds!

I was talking to Stainless the other day Miss Moggs about your exploits and even he knew that capturing a Panther was like getting the brass ring.

Who knew weapons could be so complicated? I think the only things I have are a whip and some katanas. But then I am a sort of SL pacifist. :)

Moggsy said...

Gledwood, You can buy and sell Linden$ through the Second Life website or approved parties.

Be careful about non authorised dealers in case you get scammed.

So if you were to buy the L$/USD exchange is about L$256.10 to the US$ and to sell L$274.50 to the US$ just now.

JMB, lots of weapons in sl. Mind boggling. The ones in Gor are a tame subgroup compared to some of them.

I think part of ther attraction of Panthers is that they are not tame ^_^

James Higham said...

I so love these real life pieces, Moggsy.