Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Earth girls are (not so) easy

A day or so later, after my first Gorian post, I was in the caves below our camp and lookout point. The caves are beautiful, the sort of place that would be a tourist attraction you paid for a guided tour of in rl.

I heard one of my friends “Y” coming, by her treading on a twig warning system we have on the approach.

Now I have thought about what happened next and rewritten it a couple of times.

I think maybe she was followed by a raider from some place far away. Not a local from the town. It all got a bit confusing and I pieced this together after.

Now I should mention I can swim in SL (this will be important later because I bought and wear a swim animation)

So I thought I would go out to meet her and went out of one of our secret entrances to meet up with her. This must have messed with the lurker/stalker’s plans. I figure he planned to follow her and capture her once she opened the entrance. But I messed all that up by walking towards them.

Secret caves

He had to switch targets to me.

He must have had an arrow knocked. Suddenly there is a mad flurry of arrows, very close together that makes me think he was really close by. Me, I had no chance...

He managed to simultaneously take me out and follow “Y” into the cave after she opened it. She had enough warning because of him hitting me solidly with a flurry of arrows “Thwack-wack-wack-wack” to run into the caves and the chance to put up a fight, surprised as she was. She is good.

Now a quick explanation... If your health falls to zero in Gor (say from being hit by a bunch of arrows) then you are caught up in a capture net, helpless for 3 minutes while you can be tied up and taken away. Think of it like the way vets tranquilise wild animals on TV. Grrowl…

“Y” and I both got lucky that day. There were two of us, so twice as much time was needed. Time was in short supply as it happened.

I helplessly fell in the river fed by the falls, but luckily for me here the swimming ability helped. Instead of just staying where I fell, it basically carried me away, stopping me sinking, (probably a slight conflict between the two aos both trying to do their jobs at the same time) and I ended up netted but hidden in reeds well away from where I fell. “Y” had the luck to get some warning after I was shot. She managed to put up a fight but fell in the caves.

Then there was a lot of: “Sneaky raid!”, “Not us! Must be outsider” IMs on the group IM. So it all stirred up a hornets nest.

I figure he must have searched for me after be fought "Y" and that took up valuable time.

In the end the raider never had enough time to get round to capturing either of us before I got free and ran back into the caves all hyped and arrow knocked by another entrance to stand guard over his other victim until she was able to become free.

But he had fled and had his work cut out for him getting back to the ferry and away.

After that and a chat with the villagers we went to the local arena (see the picture below) to practice our combat skills.

Local arena

I think mine sure do need improving (tho people are making positive noises) and I really need a good melee weapon, being (literally in Gor) but a weak and feeble woman.. Grr..


jmb said...

It sounds like a very exciting life you are leading now Miss Moggs. Keep safe please.

Moggsy said...

Exciting. It has moments for sure and I am doing my best...