Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No good deed goes unpunished

Mercenaries. Mercenary, the word has a negative meaning, money is all important.

Throughout much of history the quality of Mercenaries varied from highly effective to little better than marauding bands. Throughout much of history the average population had good cause to fear the military and mercenaries. Foraging often amounted to stealing and rape.

Victors sacked cities and the countryside, more murder rape and pillage and retreating armies.. you guessed it.

I know all this! So you would think that I would know better when I crossed paths with a Gorean mercenary, wouldn't you?

I returned to our camp, jogging through the forest from the ferry, as I neared camp I thought someone was somewhere nearby threshing through the forest. Then I was through our gate and into the compound and there was "F" keeping watch.

We heard crashing round near to the camp. We could tell it was one of the Mercenaries who had set up camp near the Town. "F" said she thought there was supposed to be some sort of truce with them just then, so we cautiously went to check he was ok.

He was making an awful noise and waving his sword around like to take his leg off. A huge bear of a man mostly in furs but with a crested metal hoplite style crested helmet.

"F" and I decided to be good neighbours and tried to make sure he came to no harm. We got him to sheathe his sword and peace tied it in with a neat bow and sat him down then unstrung his bow and rested it against a tree. Without his helmet he was scarred but handsome.

After a little we talked him down and he seemed calmer. "F" had to go on other business. I thought he might go to sleep and sleep it off, so I stayed near to keep watch...

A few moments after she went he attacked me with his fists, unprovoked and beat on me. I have had the same sort of training and got in some good strikes back. But the fact is he surprised me, I only came up to his chest and his arms were bigger round than my thighs.

I just couldn’t win a straight barehanded fight. If I tried I would just get beaten unconscious. I knew then that if I did that then I would wake up with collar and a “For sale” sign round my neck for my troubles. Gee thanks!

I got in one more good strike, turned and ran as fast as I could back to camp with him thundering close behind making horrible threats. I was faster and more lithe. I made it through the stockade gate a little ahead of his pursuit.

Once I was in camp he shouted threats. I told him to “just go away” maybe opined he was a brute too then he actually went off, restrung his bow and came back.

I called to him to "Go away" (and yes ^_^ it was just “go away”) but he shot arrows into the camp that hit me and threw stones at me.

I shot back at him then, once he broke whatever truce there might have been.

An ungrateful beastly mercenary with no sense of obligation.

Eventually he got tired of shooting at me and dodging my arrows, I managed to avoid falling off the stockade ^_^ and he went away.


jmb said...

Now that's a big merc you captured there, but you let him get away! You trusted him, but no sense of honour whatsoever!

Moggsy said...

We didn't exactly capture him, just tried to make sure he didn't get in any trouble. Mistake.