Friday, September 30, 2011

For want of a (French polished) Nail...

My train pulled in to the station. I walked thru the barrier and crossed the road to a narrow footpath.

I followed it and past a bend, down to where I had parked my vehicle.

I rounded anther bend and there it was. I approached it and remotly keyed the locks.

I was going to dump my laptop bag on the passenger seat, walk round and get in the driver's side.

I was moving to slip the strap off my shoulders, I had just reached for the passenger door handle to open it and pulled, when it happened...

My fingers slipped off the handle and the tips of my nails, longer than the end of my fingers caught on the door handle.

My fingernails broke, bent, tore or shattered. one split torn horizontally hafway accross. They were totally trashed... and to make matters worse it was agony.

I bit on my lip and I sooo didn't cuss, you could practically hear me not cussing. If I were a manga"graphic novel" there would have been this blank speech bubble drawn in just to show I wasn't cussing.

The lock had not released. It needed a second click to release the passenger doors. I thought I clicked it twice. It felt like I clicked it twice.

I Just bet that security system was designed by a maaan ^_^

I did my best to fix things when I got home, but it looks terrible. What to do?

Really long cuffs? Maybe a glove? Falsies?


That gentleman's lady said...

I always snap just one... and then it irks me so i cut every single one...

Unfortunately there is no cure :(

CherryPie said...

I would just stick with it, nails grow so quickly and in a couple of days or so you will have them ship shape although shorter than usual.

Falsies look lovely, but I am not a fan because they get in the way of every day activities!

Moggsy said...

TGL, well I trimmed them all on that hand.

CP, They don't look too bad except one that looks bad, but is not too obvious if I hold my hand just so.

James Higham said...


You're referring to nails, right?

Moggsy said...

James I think you left out the LOL.

The post is about nails, CherryPie had it in context. Trust a guy to let his mind stray ^_^