Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lest we forget

I had trouble getting to sleep the other night. There was a documentary about 9/11 on the TV and I could not stop thinking about it. So a serious post, maybe a hard hat?.

It’s ten years since that evil atrocity. Once I never thought I would fail to regret a person’s death, but when I heard Osama Bin Laden had got his I could not find it in myself to feel anything other than relieved a source of hate and evil had gone out of the world and regret that he had been festering, spreading and breeding it so long as he had.

I remember I was working at home doing something tax related for the company. Heart not in it, but It needed to get done. The phone went and the world changing ripple washed over me.

It was my nearest and dearest calling from work. “Hun turn on the TV, see what you can find out, call me back ”.

Their Company had an office, people, in the World Trade Centre. I put on the TV and they were showing the loop of that first air plane cutting through the perfect blue New York sky and slamming into the north tower.

I thought "OMG! What a horrible accident. How terrible." I was thinking about how, in the past, a plane flew into the Empire State Building. Confused horror. Still hope that it would not be too bad.

We had flown to NY and stayed there for a few days Just coming up around Easter that year. Funny little prop driven air planes. We had done lots of the touristy things, Empire State building, Central Park Zoo sort of thing, but missed out on going up the WTC and figured we could do the WTC next time. It was dawning on me that there might never be a next time for that now.

I was truly horrified for the people there and feeling a sense of there but for the grace of God.

I was thinking what a terrible accident and how the world could be so randomly cruel with disasters and stuff and how we need to support one another and work against the randomness of these things.

There was not much on the internet and TV news reports trying to give facts and make sense of them.

Then the second plane hit the other tower. I watched that live, on TV and realised horribly in that instant it was never an accident, Not just chance. It was something deliberate. I had a real feeling in that moment of true evil being abroad in the world. That whoever had done this had only one master.

It seems to me now I figured in an instant it must be terrorism. They were commercial flights, not missiles, someone willing and eager to die to commit such acts.

So I basically sat watching, stunned, clutching the phone, connected on and off to a bunch of people also by now watching TV in a boardroom, or something . All trying to make sense of what was going on., pooling our collective smarts and knowledge…. All Involved and made immediate, somehow intimate and realer than real to us as we were twined into it by our connections with the City and the buildings and our humanity.

I tried to make sure a friend was ok, it turned out they were evacuated and the cells were all tied up with traffic.

At least that’s I figure it might have been something like that... if I lived in rl.

So I am remembering and keeping true and real in my mind, because we need to do that and not be useful idiots playing silly games about it being some Israeli plot, or dynamite or other nonsense.

I do apologise in advance if anyone comments and I don’t get right back with a response, but I will be away for a week or two and might not get a connection.


YTSL said...

Hi jmb --

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on 9/11. I too was motivated to post my reflections on its 10th anniversary. And like you, I did think at first that it was just an accident. But upon learning about that second plane...

The mind still boggles and is horrified by it all ten years on. Oh, the humanity.

Moggsy said...

YTSL, TY for your comment. This is a Moggsy post tho, not one of JMBs. I liked your popst about the fire dragon btw.

It is so true that even after all this time I am moved, horrified and staggered. It is difficult to put it in words that express it properly.

jmb said...

I don't think any of us will ever forget the horror of that day, as it was played over and over on the TV.

I woke up to the news on my radio alarm and immediately turned on the TV, trying to absorb what was happening. As the day enfolded, things got worse and worse.

As you know I visit NY every year (just returned from there late last night) and I love that city with all its great museums and galleries and lively cultural scene.

I've been to see the "site" and was terribly moved. I know someone who was on the phone with someone in the WTC when they plane hit and who did not survive. It changed her life forever as she gave up her lucrative business career and turned to teaching.

Recently I read a book written by a survivor, who was lucky enough to evacuate, via all those stairs, before her building collapsed. It was so moving and I cannot imagine replaying that horror over and over for the rest of your life, when even we, who were mere onlookers from afar, are so affected.

YTSL said...

Hi Moggsy --

Oops, sorry for the mistaken ID! And thanks for visiting my blog and liking the fire dragon post there.

Hi jmb --

I visited New York after 9/11 but never went near that part of the city again. The first time I took the train up to New York from Philadelphia 9/11, it was truly shocking as well as heartbreaking to get near to the city and concretely realize that the Twin Towers weren't there any more. And when one thinks of the people who were in and around them when they collapsed... So very sad and tragic.

James Higham said...

Many anomalies of course and they just go away, no matter we close our eyes and wish for it but I can understand why people can't face that. Terrible thing it was.

Moggsy said...

James, Five people witness something you get 5 different experiences, seven different viewpoints and 9 different versions.

...And that's before the "game of whispers effect starts"

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