Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This could be para- para- paradise

Hmnn.. Is this hard hat or not? Now I was thinking about a post that ended up somehow trying to figure out how many virgins anyone gets in an Islamic Paradise.

It turns out when, I read up on it, it is probably (best guess) 72. That is if you are talking about Houries, who are apparently some sort of (could be soulless) fabulously beautiful transparent clone (in two flavours), male and female with extra pointy boobies..

(There is no mention I could find about how many lashes you might get for taking the family car for a spin tho.)

Sooo.. Sounds easy so far. But if you get in to paradise you also get your earthly husbands or wives, at least two of them. Now having your ex living in possibly with all their exe’s as well strikes me as worse than having the extended family over for a looong long Christmas. Thos it sounds like food and booze is all laid on and guaranteed no hangovers.

It also racks up the possible spousal total to maybe 74, with some of them on a timeshare system. Gives me a headache just thinking about those numbers… is the virgin thing renewable?

Anyway. Part of the paradise deal is you get totally rebuilt from scratch, but way better than you were before. It’s like this complete makeover thing, where you come out looking fabulous, totally hot and eternally young.. aand as in the song; “Like a Virgin”, with everyone being the same age. Maybe that might make your ex slightly less awful to put up with.

So that got me thinking… What is the “perfect” age? Maybe there are several even depending?

But the deal is all the same age, so someone must have officially decided on a perfect age.

I am thinking about 17 ish? Does that work for you all?

If paradise were half as nice…


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CherryPie said...

30 for me.

Moggsy said...

Hummnn.. Thanks for your comments all. These are the ages you liked best because of what was happening in your lives at the time or and where they had go to I am guessing.

All good an valid ages also.

But this is also to do with an age everyone has to be at the same time and it has to be appropriate to be a virgin at the age also, at least for the girls I guess.

The rules don't let one person be 35 and another be 16.. or even guys older than girls, but surely they ought to be say two years older?

Maybe we need to research the perfect peak of female physical development and the same for guys?