Thursday, October 13, 2011

Live and let live is a two way street.

Published by JMB on behalf of our roving reporter Moggs Tigerpaw.

This is a “hard hat” post if ever there was one, maybe I ought to get me a flack jacket also.

So. A loaded-ish Question. Can Islam ever learn toleration and co-existence at all?

I asked myself that when I am yet again disappointed with it by reading about how Islamists have started to persecute Coptic Christians in Egypt. Fellow Egyptians, who maybe foolishly stood shoulder to shoulder with their Islamic neighbours to help depose Mubarak.

It seems Islam can only ever pretend to tolerance when it is restrained by a secular state or at least where it does not have the upper hand… and often not even then.

Other religions seem genuinely to mostly be able to tolerate each other, If there is disapproval they mostly figure the big boss in the sky will pick the bones out of it after the game and figure they are bound to come out ahead anyway because they are in the right.

I figure quite a few in Europe and the UK have come to this sort of Deist viewpoint that most religions are like mobile phone networks, they all do the same job and the price plan and handset are personal choice and what fits best with them. It makes them pretty tolerant and they can’t see why they can’t be Christian with a hint of Buddhism if they please with just a pinch of Jeddai Knight in their imaginations for coolness. ^_^. I think they often don’t trust priests and clerics to know what God wants any better than anyone else either.

In the US the constitution relies and expects all religious groups to live and let live.

Islamics tho, they seem to want to execute anyone who converts from Islam, and want to execute anyone who preaches Christian ideals to Moslems. They don’t seem quite sane to me.

They also to me seem to behave like someone who is not confident in and maybe doubts their own faith and are scared to admit it so they lash out and strut about trying to puff themselves up to pretend they are not. Like with a chip on the shoulder. Full of harsh wickedness.

I am all for toleration, but it should be a two way street. Should we all really be quite so willing to tolerate something which will not even properly tolerate our right to exist if it isn’t forced to?

It would be good if there was more sign of live and let live in Islam and less of idealising so called “Martyrs”, people wanting to kill Jews and Christians as far as I can see basically because they are Jews and Christians. To me, people like that, they only serve evil, not good.

It would be good if there was less of the dividing the whole world into "houses", either Dar al-Islam (Muslim territory) or Dar al-Harb ( or Dar al-Garb) (non-Muslim territory).

The give away about the second category is it means "house of war" or "house of the west" and is only supposed to be temporary… Till it becomes Dar al-Islam, I can only guess, through violence and coercion and killing, based on the “House of War” name.

Those ideas don't seem to come from Islam's holy books the Qur'an or Hadith as best as I can tell, so I guess they must have been made up by some wicked old man somewhere. So a reasonable, sane person ought to and ought be able to loose them surely? What is it with people?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Wisdom or not?

Wisdom of Crowds vs Dog Mess Rules (A million flies can’t be wrong) - Fight!

Anyone who had read this Blog for longer than a year might have noticed I have commented on this show before. They also get a thanks from JMB and me .

The new season of Strictly Come Dancing/Dancing with the Stars has started.

I noticed a change in the format that I think might spoil it, if they keep it.

The score a couple gets depends on how the judges mark their dancing and also on the votes the TV audience phones in. That is what makes the stations their money.

Up to now the two couples with the lowest score get to have a dance off, then the judges save the best of the two.