Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Castles Surf and Beach babies

Not a hard hat post, I wonder if anyone will have anything to say?

I have been wracking my brain on what to post about. I have not done much in sl the last week or two. Our clan (not a Gorean one) is moving. So decisions need to be made about what our main place will be. Probably a castle, but not sure what design yet.

The new land is near the ocean, but surrounded by small and inconsistent plots that I don't like the look of at all. I do hope we can buy them up and clear them.

I will have to pack up all my stuff and see what space I have in the new place.

The places have lived in sl that I liked best of all were basically a beach houses or villas.
Before I joined the clan I lived with a group that had an oceanside villa.

White stucco plaster, ochre floor tiles and roof tiles.

The house was perched by the ocean with a stone wall like a harbour wall. There was a white balustrade to stop you falling in the ocean, and steps that lead down to a stone jetty and more steps from that into the water.

The tiled balustradeed open area was bordered on two sides by a colonnade. There was a table and chairs and you could dance there to the music of cicadas.

My room was on the second floor, I had a balcony with railings and a view, the colonnade was below my balcony. There was a roof terrace also that you could sit out on. Lovely.

When I first joined the clan their main place was this beach house with lots of picture windows and a deck that extended out over the ocean, with a dance floor on it and steps down to the water. Part of the building was on stilts. The main door was land side.

I had a ground floor bedroom that looked out across the beach at some palm trees and opened into the Living area. You could hear the sound of waves from my room. We had fun there.

I had a jet ski and we used to swim. Also we had sunshades and rubber rings and stuff.

We had a bit of beach set aside with logs, cushions and towels where we kept a fire for beach parties.

I spent a lot of time being a sun bleached blond tanned beach bunny then.

Like living a permanent holiday. All you have to do is step round a notional corner from everyday rl for a moment… and your sl is one long relaxing and basically carefree (if you can avoid dramas) holiday.


James Higham said...

I can imagine you as a beach babe, footloose and fancy free.

Moggsy said...

^_^ The smell of the sea, salt on your skin and the warm sun and soft warm sand under your feet, cooling sea breeze. A summer or two...