Friday, November 11, 2011

What Price Life and Liberty?

A short hard hat post, feel free to agree or disagree. I don't want to keep on about this subject, but it does keep on turning up with stuff that just shouldn’t happen.

This is what you get when self justifying misogynist males get too much power (for "too much" read any power). I am sure they felt they were doing Allah's will and were all real fired up with moral outrage.

Scarily they probably feel aggrieved that anyone would even criticise them for what they did.

Sadly I guess they can’t have been too bright, or prone to self examination, or doubt. I guess they must have been fed a good diet of hate with their religious education by some wicked evil old men.

They use Sharia Law to justify what they did. And its supporters might be reluctant to criticise, others might say you can't make omelettes without breaking eggs.

No matter what excuses supporters of Sharia Law make, there is no argument that it sanctions and enables brutal repression and murder. It uses ultimately extreme force to steal life and liberty particularly from all women also any and all non Muslims.

I figure the only reason things are not far worse through the Islamic world is that most normal people (of whatever religious flavour) are more civilised and try to stop the worse stuff like this from happening.

I just cannot see how there can be a place for such laws or behaviour in a truly decent and just society.


I added this because it seems to me like another example of intolerance and persecution sanctioned by Sharia Law.

Clerics in two Islamic Malaysian states (Pahang and Malacca) are planning not only to persecute gays using Sharia Law but also anyone who objects to their persecuting them (promoting or supporting illegal activities).

It seems to me love is.. love, and being gay is basically a harmless enough thing. It is a rocky enough road to tread even without officially sanctioned persecution adding to it.

I do wonder what is behind such hatred and I can't help wondering if it is maybe a tiny worm of doubt about their own sexuality in those who hate and persecute.


James Higham said...

I'd not be a woman for all the gold in the world. Less I'd want to be one of these inhuman Sharia "men".

Rositta said...

We can't stop shit from happening in other parts of the world but we can and must stop it in Canada. Currently on trial are an Afghan father, mother and brother, and I'm loath to describe them as such, for murdering their three daughters and his first wife. Seems the young girls just wanted some of the same liberties that Canadian teens have and for that they died....ciao

JMB Balogh said...

Will it never end? Not in my lifetime I'm sure. Sad that people like this don't seem to know Sharia law very well and they seem to do whatever they wish and justify it by invoking that Law.

Moggsy said...

Thanks for all your comments.

Rosita, I think they call that “Honour killing”, scumbags.

It does seem like these laws enable/justify vicious cruelty and murder. At least for guys they can grow an untidy beard, become the right flavour of moslem ...and carefully avoid buying any Abba Tracks^_^

A woman might as well get used to being property.

I am set firmly against these so-called laws, In fact any religious laws.

Render unto Caesar that which is Caesars and render unto God that which is God’s. To me separation of church and state is one of the main planks underpinning liberty.

Lee said...

They leave me speechless...and very, very angry!

Moggsy said...

Lee, Me ley leave angry.. but not speechless ^_^ i let my fingers do the talking.