Thursday, December 15, 2011

Apropos of nothing

I have been wracking my brains for something to blog about and I couldn’t really come up with anything much.

I have not read any really nice novels recently I wanted to share, I have done some hard hat posts lately, and I thought something lighter might be nice, plus if the hard hat stuff really takes off it might actually be on some other site anyway.

Even my music is a bit in the doldrums. And ooh boy am I fed up with apple right now and their itunes software!! It has gone haywire, maybe because of an update and it does not realise my computer is where it should be and wants to delete my CDs I loaded in so I can’t properly synchronise it. All my playlists on the computer are gone.

And can you email Apple? Maybe… but the address sure seems to be secret, well hidden somewhere on their site, so if anyone knows how to fix the problem pleeeease comment it.

Some tracks I am liking just now are:
“Standing in front of you” by Kelly Clarkson
“Now or never” by Jodie Connor & featuring Wiley
“Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri
“Set fire to the rain” by Adele

I would put in links but they don’t seem to work lots of times in different countries.

Now in Second Life people are getting ready for Christmas or Winterval. A one size fits all celebration. Having it so general and generic lets most everyone celebrate. There is very little ‘traditional’ prejudice in sl. A person can be any race or color they please. The auto translators are.. mostly adequate. All there are at least smart enough to use a computer.

There are some new prejudices maybe. I have seen signs banning vampires and others banning non humans, fair enough in a themed sim. You have to fit with the theme, but in clubs?

Anyway. One thing people do is send each other cards at this time of year, some get quite creative. I have been working on ours and I have received a few already (ty Tom). There is snow in many places and skating rinks are frozen over. We are all shopping for Christmassy outfits. I got something in more traditional green this year, instead of the fire engine red.

Did you know Santa was often shown in green traditionally until Coke used him in it’s advertising in the 1920s and 30s? Our idea of Santa owes a lot to Coke.

(I used the pic of an Ad I found but if Coke objects to me advertising them I can take it down)

Decorations are going up and lots of places have trees.

We are still organising the castle after moving, nothing much unpacked or in place yet. We have lit our Advent candles.


James Higham said...

Now Moggsy, there's no need to post if you don't feel like it or have nothing pressing.

jmb said...

Well I enjoyed the post Moggsy, quite whimsical in fact. I must get organized and send my SL Christmas card which is in fact in a frame this year! I haven't really decorated my house in SL yet but my two galleries are looking very Christmasy.

By the way, I find the people in the Apple store are extremely helpful in solving my problems and luckily I am only 10 minutes away from one.

I got a new iPad for my birthday in November and am getting a new iPod Touch for Christmas, while looking longingly at a new Macbook Pro.

I seem to be keeping the Apple economy sound and I have always loved iTunes but it's getting more and more complicated with a lot of services I don't want or need.

Moggsy said...

James, I think blogging is a bit like Shaherizada of 1001 tales, I need to keep peoples interest ^_^

Thinking of it realationships are a bit like that, without the threat of being killed (mostly)

JMB not near any apple stores, and it is the software on the computer has gone haywire.

Those iPads look really cool, but how long does the battery last. I thought they would be great for e-reading.

A birdie tells me I may get an e-reader for christmas anyway and the batteries on those last a month, great for holiday reading, no suitcase full of books ^_^

jmb said...

Well Moggsy since I own both the iPad2 and the Kindle I can now compare them. I love the iPad, it's such a fun if expensive toy. As a reader it's excellent, not only with a better interface, but you can read Kindle files, Kobo files, Nook files (sadly I can't get the Nook app. in Canada although you can read those too) and library book ebook files as well as the iBooks files. However it is heavier to truck around with you so I have gone back to carrying my Kindle around with me all the time.

The battery on the iPad seems to last about two to three days I find, while the Kindle lasts for a good month. But of course you use the iPad for so much more than reading books. I love the newspaper apps and I read the New Yorker on the iPad whereas I used to read those on the computer.

Funny but I am glad I have both now and I read that 50% of iPad owners own an eReader as well, although perhaps they had them before the iPad came out.

Moggsy said...

I think the nook, is restricted to the US. Probably something copyright. Stupid as they seem to be cutting themselves right out of the world market.

I don't like the buttons on the Kindle.

I have been dropping hints about the Kobo touch. It seems to be truly international. They all seem to advertise the same huge number of books.

Lee said...

I enjoyed your post, jmb! I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderfully Happy and Safe New Year. Best wishes from the Land of Oz! :)

Steve Hayes said...

I sort of lost sight of your blog since the demise of MyBlogLog, but found a link to it again today. I see BlogCatalog says I was here 7 months ago -- well, here I am today too.

Anyway, it's nice to see your blog again even if you don't have much to blog about.

Moggsy said...

Steve, Welcome back. Visitors are most always welcome. Feel free to visit again soon. Sometime I have quite a bit to say ^_^ with my "hard hat" posts.

I am planning to put up a post for the holidays.