Monday, April 2, 2012

What “Glee” Character are you?

This post is a bit different from recent ones. Maybe I will be condemning myself.. but do I love “Glee”. But regular readers will know I like music.

For those of you who don’t know, or won’t admit to knowing ^_^, Glee is a TV show about a High School glee club. A glee club is a singing club.

OK I admit the show is silly sometimes, but it is fun and has lots of music. To be honest I think it is a bit tongue in cheek and does not pretend to be utterly realistic all the time. Tho it does explore many social issues in a safe way.

It is a “musical comedy-drama” TV series and is situated in McKinley High. It is about a High School glee club called New Directions who are generally looked down on, especially by the Jocks and Cheerleaders. This is (weirdly) despite some of the main characters being on the football team, in the Cheerios (^_^ cereal anyone?) or former members.

New Directions compete against other clubs on the show choir competition circuit, while the show examines their relationships, sexual or otherwise and social issues. And Sue Silvester the Cheerios coach tries to sabotage their chances, in a battle with Will Schuester, who runs the Glee Club, over funding.

So anyway… The characters are almost archetypes and I got to thinking, for fun, what Glee character we most resemble. A bit like what would be your star wars name? sort of thing, but more personality oriented.

I think I am a bit like Brittany personality-wise, as I like to think I am bright and cheerful and accepting of people, except I hope I am not so dumb. But if she isn’t the sharpest knife in the draw she somehow still manages to be wise anyway, emotionally.

I guess I look more like Santana than Brittany tho.

What do you think? Who are you like? No slushies in the face please…