Monday, May 28, 2012

Canadian's Big Win in the Giro d'Italia!

 Canadian Ryder Hesjedal with his trophy!
The highlight of the Professional Cycling year is without doubt the Tour de France.  But the second biggest event of the year, the 2012 Giro d'Italia, has just been completed in Milano with Canadian Ryder Hesjedal winning the biggest race of his career.  

For the first time we were able to follow the 21 stage gruelling race on television and what an exciting race it was.  

Each stage has its own dynamics from the opening time trial through the flat stages to the mountain stages and finishing with another time trial.   Many of the competitors excel in different things with the sprinters duelling it out in the exciting conclusions of the flat stages.  Others are brilliant mountain climbers as they leave their fellow riders in their wake toiling up the mountain slopes.  Some are great at time trials, others are less so.  But the winner is often one who is an all rounder, one who while not the best at each discipline excels at all of them.

Hesjesdal, a 31 year old  former mountain biker, showed his merits during this race, winning by the very small margin of 16 seconds, after 91 hours and 39 minutes of cycling.

Well done Mr Hesjedal, it was an exciting race and gave the TV watchers of this household something enjoyable to watch each day.


That gentleman's lady said...

so there was nothing to watch eh? :p

I've never actually watched cycling on TV although there were always cycle competitions around Rugby. Mostly a pain to drive through that area when one was on.

jmb said...

Err well I did mention watching the Giro d'Italia in my post about the desert wasteland on the idiot box. There are the occasional oases. :)

Nicholas Temple said...


Moggsy said...

It is TV and it is reality as it happens.. Is it reality TV?

And I agree cycling competitions do block up the road.

Also I really find the agressive city ones.. well agressive when a person crosses the road they often ignore the lights.