Friday, May 25, 2012

Makeovers, Exploring and did I mention? Makeovers

Firstly. Great new blog pic JMB.

Now I have found it difficult to find the time to regularly visit sl recently. I get to visit for longer times but at different and not regular times. It means I don’t get to see many of my friends *pouts*.

So I have been hanging out in dance clubs some as there are usually people about and also I visited and explored a sim of 18th century north Africa and islands. There are pirates and traders and nomads and slaves and gypsies. It is beautifully put together.

So anyway – I had to have a persona to explore and maybe role-play after all.

I had good fun eventually (after several different hair doos) finding myself a gypsy look with a nice tan and curly dark hair and henna tattoos and bright clothes. Well.. how I imagined they might have looked back then. I got myself a tarot pack and set off exploring.

Oh and because of that in rl I got a tarot pack phone ap also.

Still I got to see none of my usual friends.

Also I couldn’t visit the sim often enough to settle in to it. Tho I did meet a nice Knight who was going to cut my head off or something, till I convinced I was not a burglar.

How did that happen? Well I was exploring and found this place in a pretty small town by the sea. The door was unlocked no one was around, so I figured it would be ok to visit. I looked round and they had a piano.

I sat down to play it. Next thing I know  this guy has his huge sword against my throat. He was in real danger of getting blood all over his lovely piano.

So  he is; “How did you get in!” And I am “ I just walked in. it was unlocked !! Honest!” Pleease… Nice piano btw”

So he let me show him how I got in and he got it fixed and was ok about it. Moggsy, security consultant to well endowed swordsmen, by that I mean he had a big sword.

I was still restless and decided to do some more makeover so I did some more way more than I planned and now I am practically broke. That pic. It looks nothing like me now. Evereyone says I look "Lovely", "Hot",.. and "Short".  Still good things come in small packages they say.

Also I need to do some saving and watch my shopaholic tendencies.


James Higham said...

Shock them with a real pic, Moggsy. I suspect it would burn up the screen.

jmb said...

I've missed you being around Moggsy. We rarely coincide and the other day when we did I had to run.

I've been just on 5 years in SL but lately I am bored! I miss my regular friends who all seem to have disappeared.