Wednesday, June 20, 2012

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Posted on behalf of Moggsy who has some technical difficulties with Blogger!

 I had the weirdest dream last night. There was this plague or something that made    people into zombies, tho I don’t remember them eating anyone or looking all zombie, just shuffling a bit, going “nUunnhhh”. I remember being scared of catching it.

 Most everyone (who wasn’t a zombie) was in army camouflage fatigues.  Not desert, or  Russian grey style but with dark greens and browns, and armed with this gun, well rifle, made with dark metal and green impact resistant plastic/rubber stuff where you would expect wood. You could set it so it fired single shots, bursts of about 3 to 5 shots or it just blasted away till you ran out of ammo.

 I remember the gun was much lighter than you would have thought, almost feeling like a  toy. I had mine set on single shot at first when I got it, but changed it to shoot bursts after a bit. 

Does the gun make sense anyone?  Or did I just imagine it. Maybe from TV/movies?

The thing was I wondered if they had got it all wrong and they were not all unreasoning zombies or if they might recover. And some not lose it really in the first place.

It was a horrible dream, but really self consistent and seeming real.  I even woke up to go to the bathroom, but I was back there as soon as I nodded off where I had left it. It seemed to go on all night and was in my head when I got up.

Now I lay myself vulnerable to psychoanalysis over it or being looked up in some dream book says I want to rule the world or marry a relative or something. “Do not approach – report sightings to the authorities”.


jmb said...

LOL. I seem to have some technical difficulties myself Miss Moggs. Why is the text at the side of the photo overlapping it slightly? I can't fix it whatever I do. Grumble, grump.

I feel for you Moggs, I have suffered nightmares all my life and it's really horrible. Mine often involve blood which is even worse.

Maybe we should give up TV?

CherryPie said...

I can't explain your dream, I wouldn't even try.

All I know is that when a dream feels real rather than just a dream (there is a distinct difference), it needs to be explored further.

Moggsy said...

JMB, since they "made it better" there seem to be issues posting.

I sort of mostly came to an accomodation with nightmares around 12.

Cherry, there is a differenc isn't there. I didn't see any zombie movies lately.

James Higham said...

Have you considered sleeping differently or changing the mattress or bedding?

Moggsy said...
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Moggsy said...

James. It is not like I regularly get nightmares and this was post more as a weird/curiosity type dream.

As for my bed... (raises eyebrow)

It is quite comfy tyvm.