Thursday, July 5, 2012

Books and Music

It has been a while since I did a post on music, or books.

I have been (indulgence) re reading some of my old favourites recently “Pride and Prejudice” and “Mansfield Park”, by Jane Austen. Hardly worth doing a review of such well known books, except, love her as a character _as I do_ (is it sacrilege to say?) I do feel Fanny Price can be maybe a bit too compliant sometimes?

I blame Mrs Norris (hiss). Her sister Susan seems to be more confident.

Oh and did you know Pride and Prejudice had a working title of “First Impressions”? Leading seamlessly ^_^ to… I hear there is a good well researched new sequel has been written in Jane’s style. “Second Impressions” by Sandy Lerner.

I am waiting for it to come out in e-pub or at least paperback. It follows Elizabeth and Darcy on a “grand tour”.

One book I will mention is “Heaven on Earth” by Constance O’Day Flannery. A Time Travel Romance (yes it is a sub genre ^_^)

Accountant Casey O'Reilly unsatisfied with her, no relationship, life back east, is driving west, to visit with her sister in Santa Fe for a holiday when her plans and life are thrown off course by a lightning storm in the New Mexican desert, that literally blasts her into the past, fortunately a rescuer happens to be in the car behind and follows her…


My Personal top ten. I guess there is no point in my trying to find links as they so often seem not to work right internationally. Maybe JMB will be able to.

Sovereign Light Café by Kean - This makes my cry a little (in a good way) sometimes for some weird reason.
Picking up the Pieces by Paloma Faith - She has a great voice reminds me a little bit of Amy Winehouse.
Titanium (featuring Sia) by David Guetta
Arms by Christina Perri This has a weird video Standing in front of
You by Kelly Clarkson Armies of your heart by Elizaveta – I love the unusual imagery in the lyrics.
Set Fire to the rain by Adele - Powerful
A thousand Years by Christina Perri - Thanks to Twilight
When we were Young by Take That. 
Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey.


James Higham said...

I am waiting for it to come out in e-pub or at least paperback. It follows Elizabeth and Darcy on a “grand tour”.

You could write a Third Impression, subtitled Liz and Darc go to Hollywood, bringing the tale up to date. Moggsy, do consider it.

Moggsy said...


Even in 1853, there was but a single adobe hut in what was then known as Nopalera. By 1870, there were successful farms in the area, often growing crops dependant on the climate. By then it was known as the Cahuenga Valley. It was around 1887 plans for a town were gotten up and ranch land was to be sold, and the name Hollywood got down on paper, coined by a Mr Whitley.

"Pride and Predudice" was published in 1813, so I guess the new sequil (and there are lots by different authors, some better than others ^_^) would have been set between 1815 and 1820?

If they had visited? Well probably that adobe hut would not even have been built yet, but buying up the land and keeping it in the family could have made their decendants as rich as the Duke of Westminster. Or maybe Hollywood would never have existed as we know it and there would be some other town, maybe nearby in the role.

Studios went to Holywood from around 1911 to escape the restrictive situation back east for movie makers and once they realised the good light and climate.

They would have had to be immortal to visit Hollywood.. Vampires are immortal.. Maybe on the grand tour they stop off at an old castle... Hmmnnn...

Moggsy said...

Thinking about it, I like the twilight mythology better than the more "traditional" vampire mythology and what better combination than Jane Austin plus the Twilight saga?

A grand tour could easily include Tuscany where the Volturi clan (vampire aristocracy) live in picturesque Volterra.

I guess it would be natural that the Darceys might socialise with rich powerful locals. If they took His sister Georgina along then she has so got to be of interest to aristocratic Vampires.
We know she can be susceptible to a smooth talking gentleman paying her some interest (Wickham), to start Mr & Mrs Darcy might not see anything wrong in an aristocratic Italian making himself agreeable to her.
Maybe he is overcome and starts to turn her. She is got away, by the couple (Mr Darcy has history of intervention to save his sister and Elizabeth’s also). she becomes ill… Georgina is turned but does not realise and tries to hold back from unseemly blood drinking till - she snaps! and feeds turning Her brother or Elisabeth…

Both have have very good self control and could maybe manage with animal blood.