Friday, July 13, 2012

It is a Small World

Second life - Just when you think you have seen everything…

Now don’t belittle me but I have been living in reduced circumstances, but I would not want to fall short of anyone's expectations ^_^

I am reporting on being caught up in the coming together of new technology and old ideas.

The old idea is little people, fairies. There have been fairy avies and costumes for ages and sims where everything is big to make normal avies seem fairy sized.

Then there is new the Mesh technology. Mesh hair, clothes... and now bodies.

So one of the first things someone does is make proper “littles”, “petites” and “dolls”.

In my travels I found out about it and I couldn’t resist exploring this idea, this world. And so, a week or three back I got myself a new petite avie. Sort of Barbie doll sized in comparison to normal avies.

There are lots of clothes becoming available for this sized body and blank templates to make your own, I shrank one of my hair dos down to fit, but you can get miniature mesh ones also.

It is weird being so small and my friends complain they kind of loose track of me underfoot.

Here is a pic of JMB and me, you can se the size difference.

Also there is one with her guard dog. Good thing it is well trained and knows me. I guess my scent is the same no matter my size.

I find I do quite like being this cute new fairy sized me with pointy ears. Lilliputian. One of the malls even has a model Gulliver tied down on the beach.

One weird thing.. The other day I was in a store and there was this tiny guy there. Perfectly formed but miniature compared to even me. Is this the shape of things to come? I could live in a doll’s house.

I have found a dance club for littles that I have not got the chance to go visit yet that I want to try out.

Of course I can swap back to being big if I like but it is a whole new world, at least that’s about the size of it ^_^

So being this size, where would be an interesting place to go hang out? Dublin, wheelll I am one of the little people now after all. I had changed into a sort of pixi cowgirl outfit by then. It was night when I arrived. 

I arrived near trinity college. Now sl Dublin isn't quite the same as rl, Dublin enough alike to be confusing, but a great place to go see.

I went exploring and fouund st Stepen's Green, but I could not get in, some sort of security. I Just couldnt find Merrion Square at all

Back to where I started I set of down College Green and turned right into Temple Bar, towards the river. I checked out a bar that looked familiar but turned around and in a different place. It was quiet with only one or two people in it. I don't think they noticed me. There were not many on the streets also as I quietly padded along.

I also checked out some stores and came out by I am sure it was the ha'penny bridge. I crossed the Liffey looking to see if I could find the Jameson's distillery, but I found a park, some version of King's Inns maybe? So I sat down on one of the benches for a rest.


jmb said...

I guess I don't get this new desire to be a "petite" but everyone seems to be trying it out. It's amusing when we all seem to be so tall in SL until recently. I'm 6 feet in heels.

I'll try not to tread on you!

Lee said...

I'll never be petite...I never 5ft 9 at my peak, I'd never be near to being called "petite"!

I'm glad I'm tall!!!

Hope all is well with you up your way, jmb. :)

Moggsy said...

Lee, Never say never.. as they say... You could easily be "petite" i.e. barbie doll size with pointy ears in sl ^_^

JMB, I never get why everyone has to be quite so tall in sl. I am generally a more realistic 5'8",but it can make dancing difficult, what with everyone being soo tall generally.

My theory is most guys want to be really realy tall and well built, (some of the warriors in Gor are like huge)so most girls go along with it and zize up so they match.

JMB Balogh said...

Oh no Moggsy. I would love to be 6 feet in heels in RL. I don't care about the guys. Most of them look ridiculous.

Nicholas Temple said...

I love petite. Of course, at 5'5" (I was once 5'7"), I enjoy being taller than someone.

James Higham said...

Ah fairies as delicate as flowers, Moggsy?

Moggsy said...

Delicate looking James for sure.

Less and more in sl and we are all just dancing electrons, but we seem solid enough to ourselves and so do the blooms.

Moggsy said...

JMB, Well I would not want to be straightjacketing guys with sterotypes and expectations but I would say often guys do look ridiculous in high heels ^_^

Tho if the Rocky Horror Show is in town they can probably get away with it.