Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gettin Real

I saw an ad on a music channel, something about it stuck and made me think, and I guess that is the point of ads (I can't believe I am posting about an ad).

It was for the Toyota GT 86 (I had to look it up ^_^ I remembered it was a red Toyota GT something). The thing is I guess it must have been aimed at guys, but some of the underlying concept chimed with me also (I can't believe I am posting about a car ad).

It has this sort of noir look, like say sl’s Dead End City but I am guessing might owe more to Grand Theft Auto (seen but never played).

In the Ad the Avie is in this sim looking to “score” something real. He knows the place to go. You see a real burger and a real plant, then he picks up the Toyota, real and covered in a dust sheet in a garage.

He drives round town, none to careful of the paintwork, like footage from some traffic cops reality show, but less fuzzy. Then, in a kind of Thelma and Loise moment, uses the car to smash right out of the sim into reality.

There is an empty road one second and then in a shower of shards the already real car is through into rl, on the road and off into the distance… no regrets…

Kind of reminds me of a "Fastball" track also, I'll leave you to guess what one.

On his own! He had a spare seat.... He could have taken me along for the ride (pouts).

So maybe the ad partly plays to the idea of avies being able to break out into rl? I guess it also plays to guys who have driven awesome cars virtually in games and might want to try it for real.

I thought after (weird thought), if rl was actually really a totally convincing sim, how could we ever tell?

Look for the developer’s short cuts and cheats maybe?


jmb said...

I don't know about being a passenger Moggs, I think I'd want to be the cool driver of that gorgeous red car!

It won't be in RL but I am sure there are red Porsches in SL and I do live right on the Linden Road.

Lee said...

Some ads (I have to be honest even though I speak/type through gritted teeth) can be very good! We have a great one going on here at present...a Woolworths ad...and it's so catchy. The campaign is a lengthy one; with variations every couple of weeks, but it has the same ongoing theme music..."Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc., I love you"...originally sung way back when by Gordon MacRae and Jo Stafford.

The ad is just so catchy!

Moggsy said...

JMB I have seen some awsome cars in sl. in fact I think the profile pic of me you use on your side bar might be one of me in the passenger seat through the windscreen of some super sexy car outside a nightclub ^_^

Lee you are right, some can be clever and amusing, some artistic, some just catchy. tho weirdly some can put a person off the product also.