Monday, August 20, 2012

Oh, those Russians...

Well there seems to be so much to talk about just now. Spoiled for choice. The UK seems to be happily shooting foot off in mouth Just now with practically all of South America.

Maybe later? So in the interests of solidarity, a fairly gentle hard-ish (thinking polonium here) hat post about (swerve continents here)Pussy Riot.

For anyone who does not know. Pussy Riot is a Russian girl punk protest band.

They mostly protest against what they and many others see as the corruption of the Russian constitution, public life and democratic process that looks to be needed to keep the Putinvedev in charge.

So the girls staged a protest song in a church.. Now they have been sent down to the big house for two years on some trumped up “religious hatred” charge.

The thing is, it looks like the powers that be in Russia quite like it to be really “in your face” obvious they can get any one pisses them off enough, and if someone does time for “jaywalking” so much the better, as long as everyone knows why and no one can prove it.

It is quite a powerful message of intimidation.

The Leadership of the Orthodox Church obviously knows what side their bread is buttered on and seemed to go happlily with the travesty talking about blasphemy, or had any “second thoughts” conveniently waaay too late.

Shame on them, there was a time when the church was one of the few things could stand up and be counted, although that was maybe more Rome.

Maybe just being guurlz and not being taken too seriously by tough outdoorsy macho guy rulers has an advantage? So they have got to do a couple of years, at least they can’t easily be disappeared or shot in a dancing accident, could have been worse, no one invited them to tea.

(acknowledgements to Frank Farion, Fred Jay and George Reyam)

"There is a certain man in Russia don't you know
He is big and strong, in his eyes a flaming glow
Most people looked at him with terror and with fear
But to Moscow (Orthodox) chicks he was such a lovely dear



Lee said...

It's obvious Russia hasn't changed...just it's clothes and hat...but as in a human, the clothes don't maketh the person...nor do they change a countries thinking...unfortunately.

Moggsy said...

Lee, I think there is an element in the “Russian psyche” that has always been, maybe too fond of “strong” leaders.

But that is not all Russians. I guess many want rule of just law and a more genuine democracy.

The problem is establishing the habit for the first time when not enough of those with power really believe in it for its self but just seem not to see it as anything other than the form to give them a cloak of legitimacy.

I think maybe true democrasy takes time and practice and belief.