Thursday, August 23, 2012

WikiLeaks Saga #I

I have been thinking of doing a post on the whole Wiki leaks saga for a while, but it is all quite complicated.

I read an article that said support for Julian Assange is quite split. Not sure how big the sample was but basically it said guys mostly supported him and girls mostly didn’t.

Except for girls it was spilt with right and left being against him but with the committed “liberal element” more supporting him.

It also said women were much more ambivalent towards him because of the Swedish "sex crime" linked extradition request.

I think some of the opinion is not absolutely based on facts people bother to find out more on propaganda and lazy reporting.

I am sort of ambivalent in places. I think I do on balance support Wiki Leaks. I am not sure I would say I was “politically” Liberal, maybe more classically lassies fair liberal in places?

I think doing a whole post on all the connected stuff in one go would be totally cumbersome and really boring, even for someone interested. So I won’t do that. I’ll try to do it in bite sized chunks.

So first bite size chunk… WikiLeaks

I am restricting this part of the post to just that. No talking about such as Assange, who he may have slept with, extradition or asylum just yet.

My feelings about Wiki Leaks are quite complicated I do really believe that generally whistle blowers perform a good service to us all, and often suffer for doing it.

They bring wrong doing or terrible incompetence out into the light of day and often seem to have tried to fix things quietly before through channels that are supposed to work but get blocked. They get blocked and trodden on by their organisation.

Stuff ranging from pollution and environmental damage where the perpetrators want to conceal it to politicians taking what they are not entitled to on to Medical incompetence that costs lives. Keeping things hones and above board by the rules.

I did have some reservations about some of the intelligence/military related links because lives can be on the line and not always those of any “wrong doers”. Some information could maybe cause terrible damage so that is a difficult call. It is a difficult responsibility to decide.

On the other hand how much worse if covered up and then it comes out?

One thing is for sure. If you set yourself up to blow the whistle on any and everyone, right up to and including nations then you will have lots of very powerful enemies used to breaking eggs to make omelettes, who absolutely did not and do not want to be whistle blown on, justified or not.

Some people mis-interpret Union General and US Senator Carl Schurz’s “My country right or wrong” allowing them to justify terrible things.

I think Shursz was closer to the Wiki Leaks side of the argument than the uncritical so-called “patriot”

The full quote is: "My country, right or wrong; if right, to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right."

Generally I absolutely do see careful responsible last resort whistle blowing as a good thing. The aim should be to “set to right”.

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