Friday, August 24, 2012

WikiLeaks Saga #III

Extradition and the US

This is fun, like being a detective... Your intrepid reporter investigates further...

Can we say what the US Government’s real thinking on Assange is? Officially not much going on in the open. It looks like they don’t want to make any pronouncements to destabilise the situation.

Semi Officialy? Well VP Joe Biden has publicly identified Assange as a "hi-tech terrorist”. There really have been calls for Assange to be hunted down and killed (tho not from the Government) and Hills Clinton is said to see some of what WikiLeaks has done as “an attack on the international community”.

A grand jury in Virginia looks to be preparing a case of espionage against Assange and WikiLeaks. Also a recent leak (Ironically ^_^) suggested that the US government has already issued a secret sealed indictment against Assange.

Also you never know when some DA or ex DA with an eye to the next step on the political ladder might try something on, just look at the Lawsky vs Standard Chartered Bank shake down. A nest of vipers being burned out by a righteous All American hero? Or some poor old unsuspecting elephant in a ruthless poachers sights?

So there is enough smoke to seriously suggest flames. To suggest that the US has the “hots” ^_^ for Assange. That those who matter think he may have done them harm and ought to pay.

The UK government (more later) seems absolutely and self destructively crazily desperately keen to ship Assange off to Sweden presto allegro. How come?

Is Assange right to worry about being extradited to the US by Sweden? Everyone involved is sure being careful to avoid promising it won’t happen for sure.

If it were me, and I am honest, I guess I would not want to trust it wouldn’t happen. Would you?

It seems more like to me that this so called "SEX-CRIME!!" is really mostly a “he said/she said” nothing much of anything and I do wonder how it is still in the air.

Is there really any reason it could not be done by an interview? Even conference e-link? Would there really be any real forensic evidence?

Is there really any credible case or chance of a prosecution, or is it more an excuse to get him to Sweden?

Political Assylum the Brits and Ecuador

Assange has, maybe not absolutely without reason, felt he needed to obtain political asylum, to avoid extradition from the UK. He popped into the Ecuadorian Embassy while waiting extradition to claim asylum.

While he was in there the British Foreign office, mostly known for their devotion to the UKs membership of the European Union, and (touchingly) the belief in their regularly channelling Machiavelli ^_^ if you would believe the more hairy anti Brit US survivalist conspiracy sentiment and many arab/middle east states.

The British press seem to be mostly briefed against him, talking of him being holed up in a tiny stuffy room they do seem to especially like the word stuffy. There are dozens of cops surrounding the Embassy.

So why would those officials for some weird crazy reason threaten or at least suggested the police might be able to try to justify raiding the Ecuadorian embassy to arrest Assange? .

If it was a terrorist siege with gun play maybe, but for this?

They must have known what they were suggesting was against the spirit the law they were trying to use was drafted in and if they did it, it would weaken the diplomatic protection of British embassies in many places where the Geneva convention barely protects them.

All it did was make up the Equadorian’s minds for them and mobilise practically all of South American opinion against The Brits, and probably badly weaken their position against Argentina in the continent, something way more important than Assange. How is a Latino guy going to react if he is threatened/insulted in public?

What is going on with that? On the face of it it looked to have been plain crazy, inept stupid, and I am being nice here..

If it wasn’t that then it is so deep I have not figured the angle yet.


Lee said...

I wish Assange would just go away. Ecuador is welcome to him...just my opinion. I'm not fond of the man at all.

It's almost like "Days of Our Lives"'s an ongoing saga that appears to have no ending.

James Higham said...

Assange is the red herring. Davison is the target.

Moggsy said...

Lee, Yes. I do stand up for the idea of a last reort reponsible whistle blower.

I am not so sure about Assange himself, even if he did nothing Illegal with the two women and I expect he propably didn't, he comes over tarnished.

Also Ecuador is chummy with some real scumbag states like Iran and maybe has a patchy record with freedom of speech.

So maybe they are welcome to each other. Will Assange dare say anything against Ecuador now?

James I am maybe being dumb, missing something in your comment?