Thursday, August 23, 2012

WikiLeask Saga #II

Julian Assange and Extradition... for so-called Sex crimes

The MSM are always a bit “reticent” about the Swedish so-called sex charges against Julian Assange. I did some digging and I am a little less ambivalent on this subject than I was before.

From what I can find out Assange “went to bed” with two (I think slightly scary) women who were friends, not at the same time, ^_^ something like consecutive nights .

They had consensual sex, at the time, and a condom was used both times. But on the second one night stand the condom used broke at some point.

Some time later the two women compared notes. There is some evidence to suggest one of them, Anna Ardin (one night stand #2), decided to get the “two timer”, she carefully considered her options and came up with a doozy.

Now I think that this is the “relevant” bit, getting into the legal technicalities, because there is a suggestion the agreement to have sex was dependant on the use of a condom.

There is an argument that if he carried on after he was aware it broke without replacing it then the consent is no longer there. Best as I can tell the extradition is based round this. Unless some one can credibly tell me otherwize.

The thing is it sounds like she was not aware it broke till after, so call me naive and innocent but if she didn’t notice, would he have done? In the height of passion and all?

I probably won’t be so popular saying it but when you get into the height of passion if someone wants to change their minds they better be very clear and loud or they honestly just might not get actually heard with people concentrating on the job at hand.

And being, not so delicate here given the subject, there does come a point where all the evidence suggests to me that a guy really just can’t stop his bodily fluids doing what they do, the best he can do is try to withdraw.

So My question is, when does she think she withdrew consent? Can it be retroactive? Did she really withdraw it when she found out he had been with her friend as well?. Or from when he may have become aware the condom stress test failed? If it was after when they were arguing over the damp patch then that is crazy.

There are all sorts of things flying about to muddy the waters over this, but these is also some suggestion Ardin has her finger in quite a few pies, including a US Fundamentalist Christian one and an Israeli one. Interesting circles she moves in. Mata-Ardin?


Nicholas Temple said...

Thanks for doing the research. If that is the "crime," I really don't see why the UK would even consider extradition unless there is truth to the charge that the U.S> can get their hand on him in Sweden, but why nit in the UK? I am confused, but I continue to write about the situation in my blogs.

Rositta said...

I am with you on this one, there is a dirty game afoot. Not that I care much for the gent (and I use that word loosely) but the US seems to behave like a bully too often. The didn't try extradition from Britain for political reasons I think but Sweden has done lots of dirty work for them in the past such as illegal renditions and torture...ciao

Moggsy said...

Thanks for your comments Nicholas and Rosita. I am planning on doing another post on the possibility of rendition/extradition but I figure it is easier done in smaller chunks.

I am trying to keep honest open minded about all of it. No one is perfect after all.

I don't think it is a question of if it is a crime in the UK Nicholas.

I read that the European arrest warrant can be used on UK citizens for things that are not crimes in the UK but are in another courntry. As an example, technically something like "holocaust denial"

James Higham said...

You're really getting into this one.

Moggsy said...

Ah but James, Am I right or wrong? On target or missing by a mile?