Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The stuff dreams are made of?

It is one of "those things" about sl that, if your home location is not available for technical reasons, when you log in _then_ you get automatically shunted to the nearest Hub.

This is most often real busy anyway, but especially if some other nearby home locations are also taken down for maintenance by the lindens. And that is most often so.

It is another one of “those things” that when you log in you rez wearing exactly what you had on when you logged out, unless something weird has happened.

One thing you do learn is if in doubt set to rez at your home location.

Sooo, anyone here ever had that nightmare where you find yourself naked in a crowded public place?. Yes, you see what’s coming, don’t you.

I logged in the other day. I was careful to log into my home location because I had to log out suddenly previously and I only had on a necklace at the time.

So I already had trouble where I had to update my viewer when I realised I was not rezzing at home at all.

There were bunches of people standing round and more rezzing by the second. I was still rezzing, so I looked like a cloud (imagine orange steam in a shower), but I knew what was coming. When I finished rezzing the cloud would fade and there I would be in all my glory.

No time to find anything to put on. The place was laggy with people making me clumsy.

I tried to take off but there was a roof, so I start to run for the way out, all the while trying to fly as well, barging people out the way, feeling bad about doing that, but thinking it is acceptable collateral damage, when what should happen at that moment, but I get am im from one of my oldest sl friends.

“Hi”. She said.

“Where are you? Are you on your own?” I ask urgently.

“Yes..?” she came back.

“TP me! TP me now!” I practically shout as I am fading in running naked and finally leaving ground.

Her tp request comes up and I accept it. “Whooshhh!” Away to safety.

So I appear in this graveyard place complete with ghosts going “wooohhh!”. And there is “A”.

“Oh you are an elf! she exclaims. "Love your hair hon, who did it” she grins, “Better get something on it’s empty here at the moment, but public. No knowing when someone might show up”

“’Wasabi Pills’” I reply. “It’s the same as my latest petite hair do.”

Hugs all round and I now have a moment to put on some high wasted jeans a top and some shoes.

“Oh no Halloween!” I say working out where we are “You are not shopping for Halloween already are you?”

“What’s wrong with that?” She asks defensively.

“I have not had my summer vacation yet is what is wrong with that!”

She laughs. And we turn to discussing where the best hair dos are to be found just now.


Oh the latest news? We have junked the castle and the castle in the sky. Our old beach house is back up in the old beach front property. It has a dancefloor/decking over the ocean.

I have reverted to beach bunny.. elf.

Unfortunately we let some of the land go and it is a bit crowded with other people’s places spoiling the solitude and views. There are places on stilts in the actual ocean. There is half a cruise liner in the bay of all things.

I got myself this lovely sunny Aztec pattern dress and have on my swim suit under.


James Higham said...

I logged in the other day. I was careful to log into my home location because I had to log out suddenly previously and I only had on a necklace at the time.

I miss all the fun.

Moggsy said...

James, Difficult to predict when that sort of thing might happen. I have no idea exactly where I ended up. I didn't have time to check as I was too busy getting out of there as fast as I could.

Lee said...


I could fill a few volumes of the weird and wonderful dreams I have!!