Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Second Life and Real Life Converge, not once but twice!

Just a month ago, one my my Second Life and blogging friends came to Vancouver to stay with the OS and myself for a couple of days.   LastDitch is from the UK and shipped his Ferrari across the Atlantic to tour the United States and visit all of the 48 lower states.  15,000 miles in just under two months!  We'd met before in RL so he made a relatively short detour to Vancouver to catch up with me again.

We met another local blogging friend, Cascadian for lunch on the deck at Bridges at Granville Island, on a beautiful sunny day.

LastDitch on the left, Cascadian on the right
My lunch: halibut, asparagus etc
My dessert: a small Pavlova.  Actually not so small!
Having a Ferrari in your driveway gives you cachet in the neighbourhood!

Setting off again for Washington

 Yesterday the OS and I had dinner at The Teahouse in Stanley Park with one of my other long time Second Life friends, Dido,  who is from The Netherlands and holidaying with her husband in Western Canada.  It was a fun evening with good food, good wine, a great view and wonderful company.

I forgot to take my camera and was so busy talking I never thought to use my iPhone so you have to excuse me lifting images from Dido's blog.  I hope you don't mind Dido. 

The OS and Dido raise their glasses in a toast!

Dido's husband gets a top-up of his wine
The Cheese Plate:  the only food photo.  How unusual!
 We started with stuffed mushrooms or salads, followed by Sockeye Salmon with scallops
 While Dido's husband chose the cheese plate the rest of us indulged in decadent

View from our table by the window at the Teahouse, as the sun
disappeared in the western sky


Dido is the fourth Second Life person I have been fortunate to meet in Real Life, each one of them from a different country, which is one of the great pluses of that virtual world. 

A fun evening and it was a great pleasure to meet someone whom I have considered a friend for a long time as well as her husband.


CherryPie said...

How wonderful :-) It sounds like you have been having a fabulous time meeting up with old friends.

I have also had the pleasure of meeting up with people I have met via the internet, so I know how that feels :-)

Carina en Peter Reisblog said...

We had a lovely time. Thx Joanna and Allen!
Great blog post and of course it's ok you used my photos 😏
Dikke kus

Carina en Peter Reisblog said...

We had a lovely time. Thx Joanna and Allen!
Great blog post and of course it's ok you used my photos 😏
Dikke kus

Lee said...

It sounds like you've had a wonderful time! Plus I'm hungry now after seeing that delicious food!!

Moggsy said...

Cool, You have been in rl, bit of a locked down sim tho.. no tps, no flying...


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

That looks a wonderful meal and what a great time you all had!

Judy K Lee said...

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Eurodog said...

It's nice to have you blogging again.
Hope all is well with you and yours.
Have a good day.

Steve Hayes said...

It's quite a long time since I met a blogging friend in real life, and I've never met one with a Ferrari.

But last week I did meet an old friend I haven't seen for more than 40 years, who now lives in British Comumbia, and it was a great joy to meet him and his wife. Sadly, neither of them blog.

It's also a while since I've visited your blog -- I blame the demise of MyBlogLog for that.

Janice said...

Hello Jmb! Am slowly making my way back into blogland. Missed some of the good folks like yourself. Hope all is well with you and family. Will be back to browse your site soon.